Diane et Ido

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by sad cello, soft glockenspiel, bass and melodica. Crescendo’s to a melancholy finish on solo classical guitar. Sad, magical, sensory, with a sense of loss and grieving.


Monkey Dance

Toy pianos, xylophones and harmoniums evoke a mischievous dancing simian. Atonal elements make this a vaguely sinister piece. Something is going wrong in the toy world.


March for a One Armed Nutcracker

Comedy for toy instruments. Sounds like: A riot of toys dancing around the tree at Christmas.



Uncomfortable reggae-funk, with what sounds like electronic braying donkeys in the background (melodica). A quizzical brooding atmosphere with heavy beats. Imagine a slightly dysfunctional circus-like “Your Woman” by White Town.


Dog Sled

Melodicas, Mandolin, strings, whistling and – get this – dog-like Inuit singing combine to create a rhythmic, snowy landscape atmosphere. Melancholy, otherworldly and humorous.