Guide for browsing the JPM Music Library

The coloured JPM grid at the top of each page is a filter that covers the emotional spectrum. Each word on the grid is a button that you can turn on and off.

For example, let’s say you want a happy, relaxed track for your production. If you click on the ‘happy’ button it will filter a list of all the tracks in the JPM library tagged with ‘happy’. Click another word e.g. ‘chilled’ and the grid will filter a list of tracks that are happy AND chilled.

You can audition any track from the resulting track list by clicking the play button next to the track title. If you wish to change the list you can do so by deselecting a button (e.g. clicking on the word ‘happy’ so that it is no longer highlighted), or clicking another button to create a further filter (e.g. keeping ‘happy’ and ‘chilled’ selected and clicking ‘acoustic guitar’.

Once can get a general idea of what the track will be like from the colour coding of its tags i.e. if there are mostly red tags you know that the track is likely to be dark or angry, mostly yellow tags you know that the track is likely to be happy etc.

At anytime clicking ‘HOME” from the top menu bar resets the grid for a new session. At the moment you must start a session from the ‘HOME / reset grid’ page.

There are obviously some combinations that do not work, for example clicking ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ on the grid will not usually get you many results as they are opposing emotions, however with a bit of playing you should be able to hone down the music content of JPM to suit your production needs. Try clicking ‘HOME’ now and having a go!

Tracks are 128kbps and not suitable for broadcast, you may request these low-res files to test for potential use in your production before licensing. Contact JPM for requests, pricing and more at [email protected], or send us a comment below.

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