Thrill of the Kill

A synth-rock banger. Drum intro builds to electric guitar riff with pounding drums, a more melodic section is followed by a drum break,tension building to the max before the original theme returns with a vengeance. Dark, edgy, brash, rock ‘n’ roll, suitable for Fast and the Furious-style macho Film/TV scenes, or for ads for flaming massive whopper burgers with extra spicy sides…not for the faint-hearted.



Upbeat, bluesy rock and roll with bass and powerful drums. Hand-clap and kick drum intro build to a percussive stomp. Blues-rock electric guitar and bass guitar tear it up before a quieter interlude featuring a passionate rockin’ guitar solo. Back to the stomp before an abrupt end. Brash, bold, angry and a bit funny, suitable for an upbeat advert for an exciting, life-affirming product or for film/tv sequences where our character resolves to make a brave and positive change.