One Foot In The Groove

Funky, upbeat indie-guitar instrumental. Punchy drum intro, groovy 70s guitar riff, piano chords. Psychedelic Doors-style 70s Rhodes piano introduced, wailing brass. Back to just guitar and drums for a decisive ending. Fun, joyful and exciting. Inclusive rock ‘n’ roll that has the whole family strutting and swaggering on a feel-good advert or wholesome TV show about a quirky family of aliens living regular lives on planet Earth.

No Drums version available. Perfect theme music for a Hollyoaks-style teen family drama or comedy.

1 min and 30 secs ad length versions available.



Delicate and hypnotic, featuring mellow synth pads and a modern drum machine rhythm intertwined with a solid bass guitar line. Ideal for light advertising, reflective and optimistic scenes. Alternative version with vocals great for end title sequences.



Catchy and playful, with pacey textures, acoustic guitars and seductive beats that make for a sexy and groovy tune. Indie-pop at its best, will suit delicate yet firm montage sequences, teen dramas, inspirational videos. Available with and without vocals.



Fun and optimistic, featuring crunchy guitars and a catchy whistle tune that makes for a fun indie-pop tune. Pauses at 2:00 and then gradually rebuilds towards the end section. Ideal for corporate videos, ads, charities and opening/closing credits. Alternative versions with vocals and plain instrumental available.



Chromer (30 secs)

Guitar-led, expansive and euphoric, an anticipatory intro builds to strong drums introducing themselves at 0:11. Perfect as an intro / sting to an exciting corporate film.


Chocks Away

Happy lighthearted and fun, a bouncy summery track with full band instrumentation following a verse chorus structure. Medium fast pace.


Silhouettes – Florida Room

Full band, indie rock – clockwork beginning to relaxed verse, still chorus, gaining momentum and pace into held harmonious bridge and a measured ending. Medium – medium fast


Other Lives – Florida Room

Full band, high powered indie rock – emotive, pulsing beginning to catchy stabs in verse, head nodding chorus, intense bridge and soaring final chorus


Letters To Berlin – Florida Room

Full band playing high powered indie rock – emotive, catchy riff in chorus, big bridge and finale