Forêt de Broceliande

Sad solo flute. That’s it. And you don’t need anything more, perfect for a lament over the hills of war casualties, shredded flags rustle in a somber wind. And in her chamber, lady Guinevere brushes her hair as she softly sings to the ghosts of her fallen loved ones.



Folk roots, with vox, piano and guitar, building with anticipatory percussion (hi-hat and tambourine), breaking from a walk into an effortless run. Vocals pushing the fantasy but never in a way that leaves reality. For ads and campaigns, with the message that something magical, wonderful is happening and you’re all invited.


5 Silver Line (suite)

Running over the hills, through the forest, but like, as fast as the wind. In black and white, as part of a dramatic film sequence (or an advert for Jägermeister) – is my exploitative interpretation of this brilliantly thumping and atmospheric track. Tribal drums (in the folk sense?) perfectly synchronised with acoustic guitar keep you on your toes with off-kilter time signatures and dramatic flourishes. The vocal version adds a close but haunting feel pushing you like the wind… you can probably tell I like this track. Imagine Woodkid, if Woodkid was good.


Occupy (Suite)

Positive, earnest woody and organic. Harmonising guitar arpeggios, piano, cello, and percussion evoke a feeling of hope, well-being and a positive outcome. Suits positive stories, scenes of triumph over adversity, and heartfelt family moments. Suite with various mixes.



Warm and sincere, an ambient episode with traces of tender melancholic elements. Emotional acoustic arpeggios and evocative solos of trumpet and acoustic guitar create a wonderful sense of longing in space and time. As the title suggests, there is indeed a south American edge here, but definitely more in a calm-sunset-on-a-beach sausade way than carnival party time.


Honey doo

Bright and positive, with a catchy whistle and a friendly acoustic guitar that deliver a heartwarming and fun episode of music. Will suit relaxing and light 1 minute advertising, animations, and TV comedies.


Favourite Sweater

Bright and playful, with a light folk feeling delivered by accordion and acoustic guitar. In the second part the tune is complemented by a solid and reassuring bass guitar line. Will fit 30 seconds advertising and short product showcases.


The Ballydesmond

Playful and bright, with a cheerful harmonica, fiddle, acoustic guitars and percussion that make for a lively folk setting with a festive mood. Remainders of Irish and Scottish countryside, will suit village celebration scenes, travel montage.


Meeting is over

Pompous and hypnotic, with an entrancing dialogue between vocals and harmonica that create an meditative and longing feeling. A compelling folk with a dark flavour, will complement your character as he makes it to the top of the mountain and looks at the world from a higher perspective.


You might miss love

Really beautiful, delicate and nostalgic, featuring aching solo strings and an emotionally compelling piano that creates heartache, anticipation and finally peace. Would suit emotional scenes or moments of reflection. “Emily knew, as she walked through the house for the last time, that for now at least, she was free to love again”.