Binary Girl

Catchy and positive, with intense Moog-like arpeggiated synths, flashes of dubstep inserts, and compelling guitars to set the scene for a synth pop song structure in the domain of cool electronica. Available both with and without vocals, will play well as soundtrack for teen comedies and dramas, but also as advertising refrain.



Magical and groovy, with a sensual moog arpeggio and a mellow drum machine groove that make for a cool and energetic feeling nested on a mid-tempo rhythm. Like a passing cloud on early nineties pop-electronic skies. French electronica taste here. Will suit short form advertising and high-tech product videos.



Dynamic with a celebratory edge, featuring a compelling and solid arpeggiated synth and a four-on-the-floor dance rhythm that create a soft and magical episode of electronic music. Vintage remainders of old synth, pads, and quirky sound effects. Like a night-time time lapse of a future city filtered by a child’s mind.


Doh Doh Doh

Jolly and lively, with quirky vocals and strummed acoustic guitars that create a fun and light 30 seconds episode of music. Ideal for light advertising, animations but also fun comedies and TV shows.


Dress Me Up

Catchy and playful, with saturated beats and a mildly aggressive synth that take the listener into a pop dimension but with grittiness and a lot of colour. A bit like Gary Numan ‘Cars’ mixed with a minimal hipster.



Dark and groovy, with a low-key drum machine beat and gritty inserts of synth and classical instruments that make for a mysterious and hypnotic ambient setting. Minimal and foreboding but not without a sense of humour, good for introspective and quirky scenes. We’re definitely waiting for something to happen.


This Is the Moment

Energetic and playful, with a modern pop-rock arrangement driven by a combo of acoustic/electric guitars and a four-on-the-floor kick drum that make for a fun and dynamic episode of music. Great for a variety of settings, including teen comedies scores, corporate videos and TV shows. Available with and without vocals.


Together for a Better Day

Confident and cheerful, with energetic electric guitars and playful synths that create a perfect designed-for-catchiness mood. Structured in three parts, with a guitar riff intermezzo at 0:40 and a bass-led coda that starts at 1:23. Perfect for a variety of uses, including corporate videos, inspirational advertising, product showcases.



Round bouncy synth in an arpeggiated monotone start, joined by organ and cheerful high synth. Building lightly with tiny cymbal strikes, then breaks down into a small organ section. Final section builds to a full beat but still has that gentle laid back feeling to it. Warm, gentle and reassuring.


Making Your Point

Medium-fast synthpop with vocal ahhs and oohs. Strong beats and violently happy, makes you want to run free and fast. Young, fiercely proud, pulse quickening and driven. Reminiscent of MGMT’s “Kids” but harder and faster.