Geeks Groove

Mysterious electronic synth track. Repetitive synth intro, bouncy and arpeggiated, with spooky synth whooshes. New section of spookier synth riff, twinkling percussive bells and strings straight out of an old James Bond film, building anticipation. Sustained synth section with shuffling percussion becomes a dynamic, rhythmic synth section. Like Santigold but weird and wonky, topsy-turvy. Plodding yet classy, a real mystery. Intriguing and beguiling, would suit a provocative advert, a flashy product, sexy and stylish but a hint of danger.



Sweet simple piano and bells, joined by light string section. At 0:30 mins in there is a more pensive section, a feeling of hesitation, “will everything be ok?” but then we are warmly reassured from 1:05 mins in, with instrumentation that builds to a strong and triumphant end. Perfect music for, I don’t know, a feel good video about adopting a puppy? I see puppies. Damn those Andrex adverts.


Circle (Tear) Jerking

Pensive slow electronica. Clear and crisp with strong programmed drums. Strong chorus with chimes and blaring brass. Would suit a demo vid of some sort of brilliant new cool technology. 2:56 brass breakdown to final chorus. Fiercely proud with more than a hint of cool strength.


Christmas Eve & Funky Christmas

Oh god the xmassy feels! It’s that time of year again, but it’s flaming APRIL I hear you say, well here in Lapland its Christmas ALL the time. I’m a happy little elf! So… full.. of happiness… (head explodes).

Two ad shorts for Christmas product placement, one classical and fairytale, the other more contemporary. Both will make you spew glitter and rainbows.


CERN Fulcanelli at the LHC

A quirky, charming theme with bell-like zithers, light percussion, with held sections with brooding percussion and lilting high electronic voices. A happy, bumbling and disjointed procession.


Ambient House

Moody electronic track with bass, sparse percussion and a rich, warm orchestral string base. Builds and shifts to a faster dance pulse. Full of anticipation and tension but with a hint of calm and hope from the warm orchestral string progression. Suitable for tense, life-changing moments or free-wheeling characters on TV/Film.


Africa Dawn

African tribal piece with a sense of anticipation, inspiration and celebration, with orchestral strings, african percussion, shakers, sticks and xylophone. Meditative, raw and relaxing, suitable for inspiring projects related to Africa and or world documentaries.



An atmospheric journey with dreamlike textures, featuring bells, shuffling drums, and syncopated orchestral strings. Searching, driven, and slightly chaotic, suitable for promo videos, travel segments and poignant moments. Picture a lush dreamy national geographic panorama.