Sleepy Lullaby

Gentle piano and glockenspiel lullaby. Slow-paced, shifting broken piano chords accompanied by piano and glockenspiel softly playing a simple, childlike melody. Soothing, calming, loving and warm, would suit an advert for something that will safeguard your loved ones, allowing you to rest easy, or a sentimental TV show about cute kids or beloved pets.

‘Underscore’ version features gentle broken chords only, slightly 80s feel.


A Lack of Conviction

Soothing solo piano track. Introspective, warm piano chords, simple melodic piano motif. Calm, searching, slow-paced, a hint of sadness and regret, but with acceptance and hope. Perfect for the aftermath of an emotional goodbye, as we survey what is left.



Cute folky acoustic guitar track. Simple acoustic guitar melody begins, joined by jaunty double bass. Plucked guitar strings accentuate the groove, replaced by staccato violins before a new section welcomes gentle strummed acoustic guitar and a prominent violin melody. Delicate glockenspiel punctuates the folky melody. Fun, playful, sweet and hopeful, perfect for a cute, wholesome advert for a fun family experience like a visit to a miniature pig farm.

Acoustic Guitar Only version available.


New Gap Ramble

A 60s American-style finger-picking bluegrass guitar piece. A warm full guitar sound. Simple major chords are embellished and augmented in a finger-picking style, like an American Richard Thompson. Full, round, warm, rich and hopeful, perfect for a title sequence, an ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’-style 60s film/tv show soundtrack or adverts for life-affirming, healthy products or services.


Start again

Sincere and relaxed, with piano, glockenspiel, and vocals that make for an acoustic pop song. It follows a common structure stanza/chorus/stanza/chorus, alternating vocals with glockenspiel to sustain the refrain. Peaceful and serene, it will play well as title track and background for advertising.


Coum Dhíneol

Mellow and sincere, 3 minutes piece of tender arpeggiated piano that playfully places itself on the boundaries between melancholy and happiness. It is gentle but firm in its unraveling, suggesting a scene where your character can face its fate without fear of failing or pain. Several applications possible, from emotion driven soundtracks to classy corporate advertising.


Percussion Experiments

Magical and dreamy, with an ethereal celeste and orchestral percussions that create a compelling mix of childish playfulness and a confident rhythmical manner. It will suit well 30 seconds adverts. A sense of discovery for a mysterious world where children with magical powers play with castles made of sand.


Sky High

Atmospheric and contemplative, with a 16 bit feeling that reminds of video games from the eighties/early nineties. A hypnotic arpeggiated synth and digital flutes and bells create a sense of lightness and airiness. Zelda and Mario can finally meet up and glide azure skies with cotton candy clouds.



Warm and sincere, an ambient episode with traces of tender melancholic elements. Emotional acoustic arpeggios and evocative solos of trumpet and acoustic guitar create a wonderful sense of longing in space and time. As the title suggests, there is indeed a south American edge here, but definitely more in a calm-sunset-on-a-beach sausade way than carnival party time.


Kill the robots

Repetitive and flowing, it starts tense with a rhythmical bass synth. Soon a detuned piano enters the scene to counter balance the darkness with some emotional lighter ideas. The bass follows it as a drum section slowly creeps in and helps in gaining strength to the tune. There is sense of longing and broken romance, but defiance and challenge are definitely ahead. Somewhat in between hi-tech and retro.