Bite the Biscuit (Suite)

Glossy summery pop. Laid back, anticipatory fingersnap-style intro with a melodic synth motif. Bass beat kicks in, subtle trap beats build before it drops to a bouncy synth melody with trap beats. Chunky synth and cute, steelpan-like, Caribbean synth melodies float on top. Happy, positive and wide-eyed. Hopeful summer track with Justin Bieber-style production, perfect backdrop to a blissful, fun holiday scene on a tropical island.


The Militant Upcycle

Bloopy, psychedelic electronic track. Gentle, reverb-laden synth patterns, repeated, morphing into a noisier sound, growing more intense. A wash of fuzzy, atmospheric noise drowns out the synth melodies. Hints of My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Broadcast and Air, sepia-tinted electronics mingle with harsh noise in a satisfying contrast. Warm, gentle, searching and plodding to begin with, more intense, powerful and expansive as the track progresses. Perfect atmospheric film or documentary music, retro-futuristic and edgy, reminiscent of the Lost in Translation soundtrack.



Spacey synth soundscape. Washed out synths, waves of ambient synth sound, warm and calming. A simple, uplifting melody emerges with shifting bass notes. High register synth, brass effects and cymbal build to a triumphant ending. Hopeful, dreamlike, celestial and peaceful, perfect for blissful, ethereal TV/Film/Doc moments.


Lunaberry Trail

Reggae instrumental track with jazz piano. Rocksteady rhythms, jazz piano solos, smooth brass interludes, bubbling bass guitar and sax solos. Relaxed and blissful at times. Summery but with an urban edge. Jamaican culture through the lens of 1970s London, perfect for Film/TV/Doc scenes set in a volatile, sweltering cityscape.


Ambient Realm

Reverb-heavy dreamy guitar track. Melodic bass guitar, jangly guitar chords, guitar feedback and shuffling 90s drums. Dreamy, blissed out and intimate, would suit a sensual advert for an immersive, heady experience, or a thoughtful Film/TV sequence.


Former Glories (Suite)

Guitar-based feel-good instrumental indie track. Killers-style intro on bass and guitar with an uplifting synth line, growing in intensity throughout the track. Driving, emotional, hopeful and inspiring, this track punches the air. The soundtrack to a blissful shared experience – perfect for sports coverage or a joyous advert encouraging new experiences.

1 minute and 30 second ad length versions available.



Made up of three contrasting sections. First, a futuristic pastoral soundscape with a pan-pipe-like tribal-sounding repeated synth note calling out across the landscape. Then blobby liquid percussion, piano, glitchy electronics and drums interplay until they launch into a drum ‘n’ bass section. Birdsong and a return to nature follow, with forest sounds and a repeated electronic pulse. Next section seeps in with blissful major chords, dreamy glittering electronic fx, soulful beats and dubby bass. A spoken word sample situates us in hip-hop/jazz territory. The voice repeats “walk on, walk tall”, as sparkling synth gives way to birdsong and water. At times, tense, tribal and spiritual, moving to chilled, soulful and inspired, this would suit before/after adverts for a product meant to inspire, slow you down and change your life for the better.



Solo jazz piano. Romantic intro of blissful exotic jazz chords, full melody of chordal 4ths calls to mind Erik Satie or Japanese-inspired classical composition a là Madame Butterfly. Delicate waltz section, playing around with the same Eastern-inspired chords. Hopeful, loving, content, would suit a romantic Film/TV scene where a smitten character floats on a wave of love. Would also suit a soothing, peaceful advert for a beautiful object or luxurious service.