Bat Milk

Chilled jazzy reggae track. Slow piano skank and tip-toeing bass guitar intro with surf-style guitar effects and laid back drums. Brass plays a lyrical melody that sounds like a raised eyebrow, joined by subtle sustained keyboard chords. Saxophone takes a solo, accompanied by jazz drums and skanking guitar keeping the relaxed, mid-tempo beat. Back to melody on brass, before a keyboard solo like The Specials’ Ghost Town and a fade out. Thoughtful and searching, yet relaxed and easy-going, perfect for a Film/TV scene where the protagonist is on a solo journey of discovery in a new place or a strange, intriguing situation. Would also suit an advert for a new, exotic and surprisingly tasty food or beverage.



Tense orchestral track. Piano intro, chiming marimba, melancholy lyrical cello solo, threatening piano chords and deep, dangerous double bass builds to more tense, dynamic section. Wailing violins and high piano notes spell an underlying threat. Intriguing, suspenseful and chilling at times, murder-mystery music, would suit a tense film scene or an elegantly violent high society thriller.


Desert Robes

Exotic dub track. Bubbling dub bass guitar lurches around like a ghost from Scooby Doo, wistful piano, surfy slide-style electric guitar, mysterious, exotic brass and reverb-laden electric guitar and drums all plod purposefully and carefully across the track. Saxophone solos smoothly, then duets, twangy electric guitar plays Tinariwen, desert rock-style, all in to finish. Thoughtful, exotic, mysterious and suspenseful, would suit a quiet Film/TV scene set in an intriguing, new place, our character immersed in a new and curious world.



Bleepy sustained electronic and orchestral string track. Sparse electric guitar, tense plucked strings, soaring orchestral strings, subtle tinkling electronics and an electronic swell before giving way to a piano and string outro. Suspenseful, delicate and intriguing, suitable for an intriguing advert for an exciting, innovative product or for a suspenseful Film/TV scene.



A rich, hypnotic Middle Eastern-sounding track. A sounding bell then repeating drums rhythms, a violin-like instrument plays a snaking seductive melody. Occasional dulcimer-like trills add intrigue. Hypnotic, mysterious, intriguing, seductive, intense. Film/TV sequence featuring an intense, mesmerising experience for our characters, out of their comfort zone, exploring the dark beauty of an unfamiliar land.


Ice and Steel

An atmospheric slow-building track. Sustained synth notes cut through with glassy, overtone-like sound effects. This intensifies and fades as the track progresses, sometimes interspersed with bursts of mellow static. A fragile regular beat is established, then fades out. Fuller synth chords emerge. The thin beat is re-introduced, accompanying a slowly shifting progression of synth chords and radio static. A short, simple synth melody enters over the shifting chords and regular beat, turning into a single repeated note by the end. Hypnotic, chill, mysterious, icy cool. On film, accompanying an enigmatic landscape, real or imagined, a cold barren place at dusk or a bleak situation.



A dance track mixing African- and Caribbean-influenced urban British styles. Dancehall-like drums & vocal samples give way to silvery synths and MC-style vocals, growing in rhythmic intensity with snare, synth and vocal samples. A heavily processed female helium vocal sample is introduced over trance-style synth and erratic beats, heavy synths intensifying until an abrupt ending. Dancey, urban, dark and complex. Walking through the city late at night, neon signs glowing, street lights, dodgy characters all around but our protagonist owns the streets.


Captain Marzipan

Balkan-style instrumental. Sustained string note builds anticipation, piano motif and drums enters underneath, excitement builds. Strings become louder and earthier in tone. Balkan-style melody enters on choppy violins with double bass drums and piano accompaniment. Grows with frenetic energy, soaring, squeaking violins, melodies intersecting. Dramatic change of tone: complete slow down with drunk double bass and woozy violin swaying drowsily between notes. Shrill piano joins adding jazzy flourishes, all build back to previous upbeat, ramshackle melody. Dramatic, surprising, reckless and intriguing, suitable for a rollicking TV advert or Film/TV/Doc scene, or a strange party scene, where our character is disorientated and disconcerted by the madness happening all around, dropped unexpectedly into a quirky unknown world.



African jazz instrumental. Snaking double bass intro, joined by jazz drums, vibraphone, electric guitar and keyboard playing a rhythmic motif. Change of rhythm, horn blasts then saxophone melody, subtle African-jazz style, effects-heavy electric guitar solo, brass noise before vibraphone motif returns and all play until the finish. Intriguing, exotic and sensual, with hints of Mulatu Astatke and a little Fela Kuti influence, would suit a travel documentary or Film/TV scene evoking the spirit of a hot night in urban 1970s Africa.