Good Grief

Sombre, pensive solo piano track. Slow-moving block chords. Cello joins. Slow, measured phrases soothe and calm. Thoughtful, emotional, sad but with a hint of light at the end of the tunnel, would suit an emotionally fraught TV/Film scene of mourning or dwelling on a difficult past or broken relationship.

Solo Piano version available.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.



Emotional and delicate, a pianoforte performance that makes sapient use of harmonics and arpeggio technique to deliver a poignant yet firm episode of music. It builds a substantial amount of emotional content without never being too blatant or showy. This would suit romantic dramas and similar applications, possibly where a solo character is involved.


Coum Dhìneol

Mellow and sincere, 3 minutes piece of tender arpeggiated piano that playfully places itself on the boundaries between melancholy and happiness. It is gentle but firm in its unraveling, suggesting a scene where your character can face its fate without fear of failing or pain. Several applications possible, from emotion driven soundtracks to classy corporate advertising.


End of an era

Delicate and mild, with piano and strings orchestrated in a classic manner and built to deliver poignancy and introspection at their earnest level. It swells in the middle section both in intensity and intention, to create a sense of hopefulness that contrasts the stark and rarefied beginning. Will suit coming of age stories with frail and delicate yet resolute characters.


No sun no stars

Delicate and light, no frills piano solo theme that falls into romantic and emotional domains. It changes to a mildly more playful accent in the middle sections, but overall keeping an overarching melancholic feeling. Performed with a truthful and honest human touch.


End and Beginning

Reflective, dark and searching, with deep repetitive timpani and a sorrowful piano performance that play in the low range of frequencies to deliver a poignant feeling of inevitability. Something big is happening. It steadily grows in intensity as a compelling string ensemble builds and builds. Our protagonist is finally ready to accept the consequences of an inevitable, dramatic reality.


Stuttering Individual

Hypnotic and emotional, a stuttering combination of piano and electronics that create an intense and haunting mood to the listener. Repetitive and and strangely delicate, it is like a robotic point of view of poignancy. In the second part a solid arpeggiated bass line gives strength to the piece until everything crumbles shortly after. A compelling mix of classical and modern music.


Variation 1

Emotional and meditative, with a delicate piano solo that will instil warmness and poignancy in your visuals. There is a marked human quality in the performance, delivering a great sense of honesty and sincereness. It will play well for advertising products where a deep and thoughtful human connection needs to be established.



Poignant and mellow, a delicate piano solo performance that creates a great score for romances and melancholic sequences. It features an interesting syncopated yet well flowing rhythm that recurs all along the tune. A suspenseful moment arrives at 1:45 and then the theme resumes for a calm and warm ending.



Wistful but hopeful, a classically orchestrated episode of musical tenderness and gentleness with a poignant piano theme complemented by soothing orchestral strings. It resonates with emotional and melancholic characters, and will suit period and modern drama productions.