Fabian to Chloe – There’s Hope

Childlike, uplifting and positive, introduced with chimes and light guitar, joined by warm strings and piano in a descending sequence that evokes feelings of hope, light and harmony.


The Happy and the Sad

Sweet, light and innocent plucked strings are joined by synth bass and kalimba. Happy and wistful.


Music for an Underground Circus

The sound of a half-forgotten carnival, for harmoniums, toy piano and strings. Slow, steady, expressive and sad. Dramatic and slightly unwell.


Monkey Dance

Toy pianos, xylophones and harmoniums evoke a mischievous dancing simian. Atonal elements make this a vaguely sinister piece. Something is going wrong in the toy world.


Kerugugs Homecoming

Comic high-drama, toybox symphony. An epiphanic moment. Bagpuss and co. get back home after stopping an asteroid colliding with the earth. Or something. Mega-silly symphony of kazoo, voice and accordion.


Kentish Plover

Triplet-feel dramatic orchestral refrain, with soft voices and repeating phrases. This is hilarious and highly dramatic at the same time. Perfect for an episode of Bagpuss, if Bagpuss was trying to fly a biplane to the moon. Includes real violins, voices, kazoo, accordion, wooden percussion and a whole lot of interesting phrasing.


A Favourite Place of Mine

Metal xylophones, evocative of memories and times gone by, with (later) hip-hop-esque percussion patterns.


Do it for the Kids

Young, celebratory, motivated and proud. Ukelele and percussion with pizzicato strings and glockenspiel develops into light orchestral movements with solo cello. Hopeful piano interlude with clock ticking sound then big finale. Medium pace.