Evening Star

Pensive piano track with electronics. Fast-paced, wave-like piano with electronic swells. Undulating repeated piano underneath a simple piano melody and airy electronics build an absorbing fantastical world. Breathless, atmospheric and dynamic, with a hint of melancholy. Piano poetry for screen to accompany the excitement and possibility of heady romance.


Susenyos (Solo Piano)

Solo jazz piano. Erratic, playful opening chords, a dramatic section exploring the range of the piano and deep, stomping chords before an East African-style jazz solo. Moves to Gymnopédie-like lyrical beauty before a dynamic minimalist section. Alternates fluidly between these varying styles, creating a multi-hued collage of moods. Surprising, playful, dramatic and sophisticated, would suit an old-style silent film or a confusing onscreen tug ‘o’ war of emotions.

Full band version also available.


Horizon Venture Theme

Varied and cascading piano and live string section swirl into a vortex of questions and answers, unifying in a positive crescendo around 1:00, then launching into a series of dynamic sections, before a serene unified ending. Sophisticated and masterfully arranged – I’d imagine Pina Bausch choreographing something to this.


Raggy Piano

Sparse tragic solo piano, desolate, empty, sad and grief stricken, with a hint of the Middle East. If you were going to have a soundtrack to the devastation and carnage left behind by war, this would be it.



Dramatic waves of rippling piano moving between positive and uncertain. Delicate and undulating, vulnerable and jarring.



Sparse, positive and beautiful. A bit like heavy rain dropping sporadically in a sunny forest. At 1:10 there is a sidestep into complexity and uncertainty, a bit like you’ve taken the dark path in said forest, wending your way to who knows where…