Vision Ambient Piano

Atmospheric piano track. Gentle piano chords with reverb effects, subtle synth with warming, female vocal effect, synth string line, piano chords build and intensify. Meditative, quiet, searching and heavy with longing, would suit as emotional mood music for a mournful but hopeful TV/Film/Advert sequence.


The Light (Suite)

A gentle atmospheric electronic track. Bassy opening, joined by warm melodic sequence on synth. Deeper synth sounds and added beats build up the track. Chilled and gently-shifting, this Drive-style track is perfect for a moody TV/Film sequence, neon lights at night, like shooting stars as our character drives by. There is hope somewhere out there in the starry sky, or maybe in the brightly lit city.

Vocal version features smooth and soulful male vocals.


Autumn Leafs

A simple, emotional piano track with added orchestral strings. A sparse piano chord progression grows in intensity with orchestral strings and further layers of piano arpeggios. Bass notes and a string swell heighten the sense of longing before the sparse opening chords return to close the track. Emotional, heartfelt, melancholy and wistful, perfect for an advert attempting to pull on the heartstrings, a difficult on-screen decision or the relief after enduring and surviving a tough situation.



Simple wistful piano piece with subtle orchestral strings, nodding to “Somewhere Out There” in Disney’s “An American Tail”, but usable in many poignant moments. I can imagine this in a campaign video asking people to help donate to a charity, or a sad but hopeful scene in a wholesome family series.


Urban Affections

Groovy and dark in its incipit, featuring a sexy synth bass and an upbeat 4-on-the-floor drumbeat that gains hope and brightness as it progresses. Warm electronic textures complete the scene and help in delivering an introspective but open and positive mood.