Bouncy electronic track. Duo of arpeggiated synth lines, the punchy beat drops, groovy synth line, joined by high-hat drums. Melodic break of 90s-style percussive synth, a beat break, before an outro straight out of a French house track: warm, anticipatory major synth chords and a mellow bassline. Suspenseful at first, excited, upbeat, groovy and fun with a slight element of danger. suitable for a serious action film scene that gains a sense of humour as the action progresses. Or a chase scene or advert of varying moods, with an ever-changing backdrop throughout.



An upbeat rhythmic drum ‘n’ bass/grime influenced track. Mash-up of rhythms and urban styles with MC-style vocals, alien synth samples, finger snaps and hand-claps throughout the track. Cool, fresh, urban and a little bit dark. Would match with adverts for streetwear brands, refreshing drinks or a film/TV scene evoking inner city-life, kids in the playground jumping rope but dodgy dealings happening just around the corner.



A dance track mixing African- and Caribbean-influenced urban British styles. Dancehall-like drums & vocal samples give way to silvery synths and MC-style vocals, growing in rhythmic intensity with snare, synth and vocal samples. A heavily processed female helium vocal sample is introduced over trance-style synth and erratic beats, heavy synths intensifying until an abrupt ending. Dancey, urban, dark and complex. Walking through the city late at night, neon signs glowing, street lights, dodgy characters all around but our protagonist owns the streets.


Electric Rain

Dazed and hypnotic, a fistful of electricity and fast paced action in this 1 minute episode of electronic madness. A boomy bass synth and low-fi drum machines make for a compelling tune that evokes vintage electronica without denying modern day EDM. We are spectators of futuristic cities, doomed detectives, wrecked cars and dodgy gangsters.



Magical and groovy, with a sensual moog arpeggio and a mellow drum machine groove that make for a cool and energetic feeling nested on a mid-tempo rhythm. Like a passing cloud on early nineties pop-electronic skies. French electronica taste here. Will suit short form advertising and high-tech product videos.



Dynamic with a celebratory edge, featuring a compelling and solid arpeggiated synth and a four-on-the-floor dance rhythm that create a soft and magical episode of electronic music. Vintage remainders of old synth, pads, and quirky sound effects. Like a night-time time lapse of a future city filtered by a child’s mind.


Sunrise in an Alien Zoo

Mysterious, epic and progressive, a slow chordal progression with bassey undertones to an electronic pulse, to 3:44 where more distinct melodic elements appear. A quiet breakdown at around 6:00, before a definitive lead electronic riff appears at 6:30 to build in complexity to a relaxed electronic climax. Basically you probably would listen to this if you took some psychedelics, or at least listening to this will make you feel like you are on some sort of psychedelics. Imagine the soundtrack to a robotic world fizzing with colour and happiness, with no humans. Ahhh what a lovely thought.



Happy intro with solo violin riffs and evolving arpeggios, quickly form a firm driving groove with a strong roving bass line. Mood is neutral but chilled, then after a few breakdowns at 3:07 it reduces to a stomping 4-to-the-floor cut down beat before the rest of the elements crash back in. I could personally listen to that reduced beat all day – awesome production throughout. Understated, refined and sophisticated. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).



Crisp summery house beats with tasteful conga and a bassline that is just falling over itself. Soft rhodes and tinkling percussion create a lush atmosphere, reminds me of a dreamy beach party in Ibiza. Alone – Blissfully dancing on your own maybe? As opposed to being alone and sad with no mates 🙂 Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman)


Desordenador (Live) feat. cellist Amelie Bouard

This track is a favourite – its atonal syncopation and eastern alarm call makes it perfect for some sort of urban cognitive dissonance. Always urgent, always unsettling, and juxtaposed with the sonorous classic timbre of live cello. Think ballet in a post-apocalyptic party.