Emotional slow-paced string track. Melancholy string solo for 1 min, higher violin line joins, sparse, sombre piano chords punctuate the melody. Slowly shifting, the melody is shared, moments of light and bliss emerging through chordal changes. Further string lines join and the piano rings out on the higher register, a walking accompaniment in reminiscent of stately Baroque style. Strings multiply and build, piano gains strength to a powerful emotional effect. Beautiful, lyrical and sad, a sense of deep yearning permeates the track, perfect film music, cutting through a beautiful imagery, lending an air of nostalgia, romance and longing.


Happy Days (Suite)

Slow searching piano and solo violin reminiscent of “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Part. Sweet, innocent,yearning, with a powerful emotional impact.



Melodic orchestral string and drum build. Choppy orchestral strings play a bright melodic motif. Syncopated beats join, growing in volume and complexity. Break before lively orchestral strings and anticipatory beats kick off again. Builds to a summery climax. Positive, hopeful, happy and sincere, like an orchestral version of Dario G’s ‘Sunchyme’, euphoric and fun, perfect for emotional reality TV moments or excitable documentary TV scenes.


Girl from Sandymount beach

Delicate and touching, with a gentle piano performance and an acoustic guitar that make for a tender impression in the vein of melancholic comedies but also period dramas. An acoustic guitar introduces us to the theme in the first 20 seconds, creating the space in the middle part for a grand piano to complement the scene. Towards the end of the piece the latter is protagonist and uses both hands to fulfil the arrangement.



How’s God? She’s Black

The title is taken from this piece of graffiti on the Berlin Wall. Piano and classic guitar led, with gamelan, and a string section. Tender, hopeful and positive with hypnotic piano riffs revolving in the background. A pause leads to a frenetic middle section which bursts into a sudden epic string section, similarly disappearing to leave a tender vulnerable ending. Nods to Steve Reich, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra and The Books.


For Sudan (Suite)

Thoughtful sad piano with raindrop-like percussion states a strong melodic motif, slowly joined by gentle strings and delicate triangle. At 1:56 a hopeful bridge introduces pulsing cellos building to a full-bodied, quickened restatement of the main theme, then a gradual shift downwards in energy and tempo for a relaxed and pensive end. Good for campaign videos with a strong serious message.



Sparse plucked Cello, calm and slightly wry, anticipating something, a note of unease. Then out of nowhere urgent and plaintive bowed cello and violin. Rhythmic at first then suspending itself with long drawn out notes. At 4:14 there is a unified statement, uneasy and dissonant. It feels like someone is valiantly struggling to pull themselves up but can’t do it. They try harder and more desperately but the forlornness of the situation overtakes them, they pause, then after a last effort they fall to their doom. If you were ever narrating an Edgar Allen Poe story, this would be the soundtrack to it.


Dreamspace, Shared (Suite)

Evocative and hypnotic, featuring mildly dissonant textures beautifully orchestrated for strings. Enigmatic and reflective, charged and dynamic delivering an evolving range of emotions and classical string textures.



Atmospheric, urgent piano track with added emotive string parts. Driving, dynamic and moving, perfect for humanitarian campaign videos and promotional material.


Dance With a Ball of Emperor Rudolf II

Neo-classical patterns for acoustic instruments. Atonal and jazzy, feeling off kilter, drunk, confused but happy.