AP Action Live 60 secs

Amazing orchestral production in a frenetic desperate chase. It feels like something massive and cataclysmic is bearing down at you, there was no time to warn anyone or gather anything, the only thing to do was RUN. Is it a monster? Is it a natural disaster? Is it an army? Full orchestra climaxes with a doom laden soft bellow of horns.


Adventures In Flying

The bombastic blast of a military marching band. Brash horn blasts and pounding drums move to playful percussive sound effects, before rumbling timpani, ascending horn lines and rat-a-tat snare take us to the victorious high note. Bold, stirring and recklessly patriotic. Suitable for retro army spoofs, light-hearted battle sequences and TV adverts featuring a battle against germs and stubborn stains.


AP Comedy Live 60 secs

Amazing orchestral production in a zany comedy farce. It’s a full on circus of errors, the feeling of a scene where everything is happening and anything can happen. Short and sweet, with a pause for effect before a blasting end. Full live orchestra. Suitable for rich comedy moments, classic cartoon and fun adverts.


Horizon Venture Theme

Varied and cascading piano and live string section swirl into a vortex of questions and answers, unifying in a positive crescendo around 1:00, then launching into a series of dynamic sections, before a serene unified ending. Sophisticated and masterfully arranged – I’d imagine Pina Bausch choreographing something to this.


The glass lake

Somber and ethereal, with a piercing violin, a mellow vibraphone, and a classical piano that dialogue in a very physical and earthy performance in the vein of mid 1800s classical sonatas. Structured in 4 parts, the violin acts as a connector between all the sections and bridges firstly the vibraphone and then the piano, before returning solo for the coda. High quality execution that will fit dramas with a sense of sadness and longing with a seethed edge.


Nice idea

Tender and melancholic, featuring an arpeggiated piano wrapped by a strings arrangement that make use of modern day film scoring techniques to deliver a short theme, and develop it in just 1 minute and 20 seconds. Starts with piano, and after second 40 the strings take over. It will suit short form advertising and film trailers where the music is needed to help sustaining the emotional arch of your story.


What really counts

Tender and poignant, featuring reflection bells, synth drones, and a mellow strings orchestra that create a balanced sense of romance and yearning for a love that is probably now gone. Perfect for underlying a romantic relationship or a lonely emotional endeavour. Composed and timed perfectly for a 45 seconds trailer format, the editor in search for a piece written with a visual unraveling in mind will rejoice.


End of an era

Delicate and mild, with piano and strings orchestrated in a classic manner and built to deliver poignancy and introspection at their earnest level. It swells in the middle section both in intensity and intention, to create a sense of hopefulness that contrasts the stark and rarefied beginning. Will suit coming of age stories with frail and delicate yet resolute characters.


When the horizon bursts

Soothing and contemplative, with swirling high pitched strings that evoke a sense of uneasiness on a solid and reassuring base of long cello drones. Orchestral percussion brings in tribal and epic reminders. Feels like Macbeth, or a classy Braveheart. “In the frosty air, the lonesome warrior reaches the summit of the mountain and beholds the grandioseness of a burning war field”.


Atonement Pass

Dissonant and cloudy, a crying lament of strings that successfully combines early classical 1900s influences with modern day film scoring. It has four definite sections that alternate relaxation with excitement. It will suit period dramas with complex characterisations but also possibly otherworldly and supernatural settings. Atonement. Downton Abbey if it had more balls.