Reflective and mellow track featuring a bell-like synth. At 0:48 a Trip hop beat makes its way in and marks a shift in intensity. Morcheeba and Groove Armada alike, this piece is perfect for chilled, peaceful settings, possibly offering a certain degree of anticipation.




Round bouncy synth in an arpeggiated monotone start, joined by organ and cheerful high synth. Building lightly with tiny cymbal strikes, then breaks down into a small organ section. Final section builds to a full beat but still has that gentle laid back feeling to it. Warm, gentle and reassuring.


Ex Tempate

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by soft glockenspiel, and low cello. Neutral, sweet and passive at first but gets more intense by degrees til it ends full of longing. Feels like unrequited love.



Sparse synth pad beginning gradually becomes gently rousing with heartbeat-like kick drums, choirs and synth.


To Jorn

Sparse piano and birdsong build into a warm positive atmosphere with added synth pads. Feelings of wellbeing, relaxation and peace, gradually crescendoing to finish.


Stenet Strand (Instrumental)

Cool and quirky EDM with an electric feel. Becomes gently driving and positive. Laid back and sophisticated with a hint of mystery. End section opens out into a sense of wonder.


My Garden

Lush warm fantasy with pizzicato and orchestral synth strings, female choral vocals and distant electric guitar. Ever so slightly kitsch.


Latte Liga (Instrumental)

Pensive electronic buildup with staccato electric guitar and piano. Atmospheric, with light trance riffs, high fluting synths and delicate electric guitar arpeggios.


Klynkernes Bro

Downbeat electronica with percussive echoing sequences. Cool, sensual and snaking.



Heartbeat like trepidation, leads to gentle electronic buildup in expectancy. Chilled and slowly rousing, punctuated with bursts of electric guitar. Hiding from The Terminator meets 80’s stakeout.