Desert Robes

Exotic dub track. Bubbling dub bass guitar lurches around like a ghost from Scooby Doo, wistful piano, surfy slide-style electric guitar, mysterious, exotic brass and reverb-laden electric guitar and drums all plod purposefully and carefully across the track. Saxophone solos smoothly, then duets, twangy electric guitar plays Tinariwen, desert rock-style, all in to finish. Thoughtful, exotic, mysterious and suspenseful, would suit a quiet Film/TV scene set in an intriguing, new place, our character immersed in a new and curious world.


Sarakany (Suite)

Polyrhythmic solo piano track. Dynamic piano, multiple piano lines with jazz rhythms, Étiopiques-style snaking melodies. Mysterious, intimate and energetic, would suit a tv/film/doc scene full of intrigue, or a sophisticated film scene, in a smoky café, in Europe or North Africa.

Full band version features warm jazz intro on vibes, guitar and sax. Rhythmic melody lines played by guitar and vibes. Shuffling jazz drums lay down the changing rhythms. Exotic, jazzy and vibrant, would suit a lively tv/film/doc scene, the mix of textures and rhythms reflecting a mix of cultures onscreen.


Self-invented Crime

A free jazz build on piano, drums and orchestral strings. Shifting sustained orchestral strings growing increasingly mysterious, jazz double bass and bongos. Jazz drums introduced, snatches of solo melody on violin. Taken down a notch by a cool drum solo before a violin and piano take solos accompanied by shuffling drums and energetic bongos in an improvised free jazz homage. Ambient at first, then searching, mysterious and intriguing and intense and finally reckless and daring, suitable for TV/Film tension-building or for a thrilling moment of release.


Bollywood Love

Bollywood -style track with a contemporary R’n’B edge. A snaking sitar line is followed by tablas and an electronic beat. A flute melody joins before moving to a more intense, dramatic orchestral string section. Vocal samples and a change of rhythm with jazzy hip hop drums, before going back to the original sitar motif. Seductive, mysterious, intense and edgy, would suit adverts for products reflecting diverse city environments where the traditional and the contemporary mingle; or a TV/Film sequence referencing an edgy version of the Bollywood aesthetic.



Delicate, bubbling electronic/acoustic track. Marimba, acoustic guitar, flutes, piano and synth flit across the surface or bubble up from below. Melodic synth break halfway through before a dreamy flute section. Eclectic, atmospheric and mysterious. A versatile track, sounds like Air doing the American Beauty soundtrack or like Lost In Translation crossed with a American detective series.


Daisy’s Cue

Melancholy waltz on orchestral strings. Pizzicato and legato orchestral strings move like a fast-flowing river over booming and bell-like percussion. Mid section descends into a playful circus before returning to the melody. Heartfelt, playful, wistful, slightly melancholic with a hint of magic, evoking the spirit of a resourceful French orphan or the twinkling delights of an old-fashioned fairground. Imbued with mystery and fantastical possibilities, but never far from danger…


EP 1

Atmospheric pulsating electronics that turn into an indie-style track. Psychedelic Broadcast-like electronic drone build up like radio static with pulsating synth, flickering beats and anticipatory piano chords. Gives way to a driving indie section with punchy drums bass guitar softened by synthy electronics. Intimate, mysterious, cool and romantic, this track brings curious anticipation and then colourful euphoria- playful uncertainty before the joy and excitement of a life-changing moment.


Underwater Dream

A mysterious, orchestral journey of wonder under the sea, past schools of multi-hued fish and shimmering oyster shells with their iridescent pearls, through a fog of pastel bubbles. Beginning with a slightly threatening drone, this track soon gives way to ethereal beauty. Bells tinkle and bubbling piano emerges to take us on a magical Disney-style journey. Strings and woodwind keep us enthralled as the piano ebbs and flows. Slightly spooky but full of wonder and joy, this is classic fantasy film sequence. Perfect for a brief, enchanting interlude on TV or for an advert conjuring a sparkling submersion in a new world.


Lonely Spirit Dance (Suite)

Orchestral track with exotic woodwind and rootsy guitar. A long string like a yearning animal cry, haunting female vocals like siren calls accompanied by slightly bluegrass style banjo and acoustic guitar. A melodic motif on woodwind and acoustic guitar pans an unspoiled landscape rich with colour and history. The guitar is offset by orchestral strings, elevating it to the level of an epic voyage across a fabled land. Magical, emotional, dramatic and wistful, we feel the spirits of another time traversing the land, perfect for a film/doc about a mysterious enigmatic place or time, or a nostalgic, epic but intimate advert.

Short version is 1 minute long with less of an epic build.


Dancing Near the Nile

Eclectic orchestral blockbuster featuring middle Eastern style violin, electric guitar, harp and chorus. Seductive percussion and snaking violin and flute intertwine over a booming timpani and subtle electric guitar. Orchestral strings add drama and intrigue. Dark electric guitar gives way to a harp and vocal segment before an epic orchestral finale complete with dramatic chorus. Dramatic, emotional, historic, ancient, evokes a sense of awakening, the sun emerging from behind clouds after centuries, calling up mystical figures of yore. Perfect for film and TV epics.