Tense orchestral track. Piano intro, chiming marimba, melancholy lyrical cello solo, threatening piano chords and deep, dangerous double bass builds to more tense, dynamic section. Wailing violins and high piano notes spell an underlying threat. Intriguing, suspenseful and chilling at times, murder-mystery music, would suit a tense film scene or an elegantly violent high society thriller.


Darklands (Suite)

A frenetic percussive track hurtling toward a dramatic conclusion. Pounding high-octane drums, a low foreboding synth drone, cymbal crashes. A machine-like electronic tone builds tension to a cacophony of heavier drums joined by unsettling electronic feedback. Glitchy electronics intensify to fragmented chaos. Tense, unsettling and breathless, suited to the thrilling climax of a chase scene, a terrifying manhunt or a high-energy advert for a powerful substance.

Perc + FX only Polyphonic drum layers growing in strength and intensity. the futuristic electronic effects coupled with the pounding drums creates a visceral impression of a dark, dangerous post-apocalyptic cityscape.

Perc only conjures images of warfare on unknown territories, troops in a jungle environment pursued by guerilla fighters. Also suitable for adverts for any difficult task, or uphill battle.


The Issue Goes Deeper (Suite)

Lurching synth doppler effect creates an atmosphere of uneasy tension. One note rings out, klaxon-like, joined by threatening synth sounds panning across a bleak sonic plain. Hi-hat underpins the score with added suspense. Dark, desolate and unnerving, with a heavy, mysterious atmosphere that suggests an enemy at your shoulder. Perfect for a prison break, an abduction or an escape.

Light version has a longer, more exposed synth note. Simple version only features the doppler effect synth sounds, no central sustained note.


Confutatis Maledictis

Epic and dramatic, with an orchestral soul and a hybrid instalment of percussion and arpeggiated synths that leave every hesitation behind and rhythmically forces your character to take on its responsibilities. Its modern arrangement gives way to a multitude of settings, including Chris Nolan-like epic dramas, antihero quests, sci-fi threatening activities.


Black Matters

Highly charged epic, dark, and fast paced, with skewed strings and low pitched percussive elements that lead the way. A spicy hard rock electric guitar riff takes the scene in the second part. This is proper dark action stuff music. Decadent cities, alien huntings, dystopian futures are more than welcome here.


Dream Sequence Soft 2

Atmospheric electronics. Whooshing sounds, swooping waves of ambient noise, doppler effect panning. Spooky, threatening and dark, like creatures flitting about under the cover of darkness, suitable as unsettling background music for TV/Film/Doc scenes about strange, otherworldly subjects.