Stadium 1

Dark atmospheric electronics. Quiet, desolate intro of electronic drones and feedback. Strange percussion creeps in with wonky bending notes sounding like a drunk cello. The instruments are swamped by a wave of electronics. Tense, mysterious, frightening and other-worldly, suitable for a strange, supernatural TV drama or a trippy movie scene.


Underwater Dream

A mysterious, orchestral journey of wonder under the sea, past schools of multi-hued fish and shimmering oyster shells with their iridescent pearls, through a fog of pastel bubbles. Beginning with a slightly threatening drone, this track soon gives way to ethereal beauty. Bells tinkle and bubbling piano emerges to take us on a magical Disney-style journey. Strings and woodwind keep us enthralled as the piano ebbs and flows. Slightly spooky but full of wonder and joy, this is classic fantasy film sequence. Perfect for a brief, enchanting interlude on TV or for an advert conjuring a sparkling submersion in a new world.


Dream Sequence Soft 2

Atmospheric electronics. Whooshing sounds, swooping waves of ambient noise, doppler effect panning. Spooky, threatening and dark, like creatures flitting about under the cover of darkness, suitable as unsettling background music for TV/Film/Doc scenes about strange, otherworldly subjects.



Lyrical harp and orchestral string track. Fairytale orchestral strings with choral-like atmospheric synth sounds. Haunting, magical and intriguing, would suit a fantasy TV/Film sequence or mysterious advert.


Kidnap In Karachi Part 2

Mournful string track. Atmospheric noise, sad strings and heavy piano play a desolate melody. Unsettling, resonant background noise brings a threatening new dimension. Supernatural, doom-laden and bleak, funereal music for negative adverts or hopeless TV/Film scenes.


Fun With Knives

Unsettling, squelchy electronic track with haunting spoken word sample. A strong beat kicks in after the vocal intro with floating synth parts shifting above. Dark but groovy electronic dance. Suitable for slightly supernatural Film/TV or adverts: imagine zombies doing the robot in unison.


The Drone

Ambient electronic track. Strange, electronic soundscape with fleeting synths, weird and wobbly, like being inside a beautiful iridescent bubble. Magical, calming and supernatural, perfect music for a spacey, surreal TV/Film sequence or nature documentary.