Tense orchestral track. Piano intro, chiming marimba, melancholy lyrical cello solo, threatening piano chords and deep, dangerous double bass builds to more tense, dynamic section. Wailing violins and high piano notes spell an underlying threat. Intriguing, suspenseful and chilling at times, murder-mystery music, would suit a tense film scene or an elegantly violent high society thriller.


Piano and Cello

Sombre piano and cello track with subtle sound effects. Crackling record player static and cello sound effects underlie minor piano arpeggios and sustained, emotive cello. Thoughtful, melancholy and yearning, imagine a desolate TV/Film sequence set on a grey, rainy street in a European city in the aftermath of a devastating event.


Good Grief

Sombre, pensive solo piano track. Slow-moving block chords. Cello joins. Slow, measured phrases soothe and calm. Thoughtful, emotional, sad but with a hint of light at the end of the tunnel, would suit an emotionally fraught TV/Film scene of mourning or dwelling on a difficult past or broken relationship.

Solo Piano version available.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.


Goodnight Sweet Light

Atmospheric piano and string build. Sustained strings, bass piano motif, choppy violins, atmopheric noise. Opens up, the clouds part, tinkling piano notes and booming hopeful strings. Then piano solo, electronic sound effects with choppy string interludes, a powerful piano chord progression. Always uncertain, shifting, hard to pin down. Sombre, melancholy and introspective, suitable for a long TV/Film scene of uncertainty and inner turmoil.

Cello version features more prominent, lyrical cello melody and a vast, warm, cinematic atmosphere.


Desordenador (Live) feat. cellist Amelie Bouard

This track is a favourite – its atonal syncopation and eastern alarm call makes it perfect for some sort of urban cognitive dissonance. Always urgent, always unsettling, and juxtaposed with the sonorous classic timbre of live cello. Think ballet in a post-apocalyptic party.


Pile Dans les tCnabres

Bright guitar strumming joined by upright bass and glockenspiel. Develops with fluttering arpeggios and more active glockenspiel lines, breaking down at 2:08 to a more pensive section with long cello notes and stately horns. Builds slowly in harmony, dynamic and layers to a controlled ending. Warm, delicate, complex and beautiful.


Morceau D'Amour

Beautiful glockenspiel sequences with classical guitar arpeggios. Joined by sighing deep cello lines. At 1:11 a simple pulse is introduced, progressing to full organic sounding beat with guitar strums. Searching, nostalgic, positive and dreamy.


Ex Tempate

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by soft glockenspiel, and low cello. Neutral, sweet and passive at first but gets more intense by degrees til it ends full of longing. Feels like unrequited love.


Diane et Ido

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by sad cello, soft glockenspiel, bass and melodica. Crescendo’s to a melancholy finish on solo classical guitar. Sad, magical, sensory, with a sense of loss and grieving.


Do it for the Kids

Young, celebratory, motivated and proud. Ukelele and percussion with pizzicato strings and glockenspiel develops into light orchestral movements with solo cello. Hopeful piano interlude with clock ticking sound then big finale. Medium pace.