Endlessly Haydn Eggs

Quirky woodwind instrumental with experimental vocal effects. Sparse cello intro joined by pizzicato strings in jerky counterpoint. Woodwind enters with breaths used to percussive effect. Track builds with layers of rhythmic snatches to a gently minimalist cacophony. Playful and lighthearted with a rich and warm tone, perfect for a nature documentary or a comedic, mysterious Film/TV scene.



Ambient synth track. Sustained synth and brass chords, melting into each other, creating a rich, warm, soundscape. Slowly shifting chord movement, bright and hopeful, growing in intensity. Dreamlike, peaceful and sublime, perfect background music for a calming scene of intense beauty on Film/TV, or images of the natural world.


First Light

Sentimental acoustic guitar track. Ever-shifting broken chord progressions on warm acoustic guitar. Rich and golden, sparse but full, intimate yet expansive, suitable for both epic TV/Film/advert moments as our gaze sweeps over a vast landscape, and moments of soul-searching and resolve.


New Gap Ramble

A 60s American-style finger-picking bluegrass guitar piece. A warm full guitar sound. Simple major chords are embellished and augmented in a finger-picking style, like an American Richard Thompson. Full, round, warm, rich and hopeful, perfect for a title sequence, an ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’-style 60s film/tv show soundtrack or adverts for life-affirming, healthy products or services.


Open Seas

Bombastic orchestral epic. Punchy percussion under dynamic, busy orchestral string lines. A full, rich sound. Determined, dramatic and triumphant. Pirates of the Carribean-style film music for swashbuckling adverts or treacherous TV.


The Time and Place (Clarinet)

Atmospheric, droney clarinet track. Multiple sustained clarinet notes overlap, free rhythm, seemingly random chiming layers of rich, earthy reed notes. Contemplative, meditative and soothing, ambient and contemporary, with a spiritual feel, track to suit an experimental visual for quiet, reflective documentaries or films.


The Light (Suite)

A gentle atmospheric electronic track. Bassy opening, joined by warm melodic sequence on synth. Deeper synth sounds and added beats build up the track. Chilled and gently-shifting, this Drive-style track is perfect for a moody TV/Film sequence, neon lights at night, like shooting stars as our character drives by. There is hope somewhere out there in the starry sky, or maybe in the brightly lit city.

Vocal version features smooth and soulful male vocals.


Resting Tree

Gentle, emotional piano track. Jazzy piano chords and a hint of Gymnopédie no.1. The melodic change brings a more American flavour to this simple, thoughtful and hopeful solo piano piece. Warm, rich and wistful, perfect for an advert for a product that will help you to care for your family or bring a sense of warmth and security. Or for TV/film sequences set in a refined and leafy corner of the U.S.


The Sounding Joy

An upbeat acoustic version of ‘Joy to the World’. Starts with layered vocal ‘ooohs’ accompanied by ukelele, drums, bass guitar and hand claps. This reduces to percussive rhythm on ukelele and drums with vocals. ‘Ooohs’ re-enter after the chorus with some bright ukelele chords. The verse again accompanied by percussion only. At the final chorus, all instruments enter for a rousing, joyous ending. Fun, warm, happy and hopeful. A heartwarming, modern update of a classic Christmas song, this would be great in a modern Christmas film or tv special. Subtly seasonal.



A warm, rich repetitive piano instrumental with subtle electronics. Repetitive piano shifts slowly between major chords. Glitchy electronics and reverb add an other-wordly quality. A higher register is introduced with extra layers of piano, the gentle undulations feeling like ripples on water. Subtle, meditative, calm and moving, this immersive track envelops the listener in a wave of rich sound, motivating and calming in equal measure. Suitable for contemplative or decisive moments on film, or for adverts encouraging self-improvement.