The Water Rush

A chirpy synth catchy bass line is joined by balmy evolving synth and chiming bells in a build towards a rush of euphoria in the chorus. A feeling of being a robot in the ocean and suddenly a huge school of tropical fish rush through you. Happy, lush, futuristic and expansive.


Raggy Piano

Sparse tragic solo piano, desolate, empty, sad and grief stricken, with a hint of the Middle East. If you were going to have a soundtrack to the devastation and carnage left behind by war, this would be it.



High energy 2-step dance track. Fleeting beats, orchestral samples, anticipatory beats, Spanish guitar and Middle Eastern-style samples Driving, upbeat and international.


The First Journey (Suite)

Gentle percussive piano builds from silence into a strong main section. Searching, passionate and moving. Versatile for any dramatic scene or campaign.


Deadline Eclipse

Tense minimal piano is joined by solo acoustic guitar over a background of Steve Reich-like pulses, building to a positive section of wonder and serenity. After a held section the piece moves to a foreboding ending. Perfect for film.




At The Circus

Dreamy build on keys with delicate echoing harmonies and swaying shuffling drums. Relaxed, gentle and sun-kissed, perfect background music to a bleached out montage of the happy sunny days of youth.



Delicate electronics, sustained synth, magical atmospheric sound effects and reverb-laden electric guitar. Female vocal melody, sparse, heartfelt and breathy. Senusual and romantic with hip hop beats and bleepy samples and subtle operatic vocals. Peaceful and sincere, perfect for a introspective TV scene.


The Last Time

Electronic beats with heavy delay, echoing, harsh and glassy. Bleepy synth seeps into the soundscape. Orchestral strings provide a sombre humanity. Beats intensify to a sparse finish. Suspense, tension and a sense of foreboding.


The Crash

Harp arpeggio, lyrical and pastoral, joined by flute, strings and glassy electronics. Machines imitating nature. Strange, poignant and atmospheric, would suit a investigative TV, or a thoughtful documentary montage.