When I Run

Jazz-pop instrumental. Drum roll, Rhodes piano intro, then a punchy brass riff. Steady drum and keyboard groove before the riff returns. Trumpet solo. Laid back, upbeat and positive, like a slightly cheesy theme tune to a jolly American sitcom.


Riviera Swing

Melancholic with a playful edge, with honest acoustic guitars and a piercing violin performance that create a nice tune with a middle/southern European feeling. Will play well both in slightly over the top romantic comedies and generally in applications where a classy yet stereotypical representation of romance is needed.


Start again

Sincere and relaxed, with piano, glockenspiel, and vocals that make for an acoustic pop song. It follows a common structure stanza/chorus/stanza/chorus, alternating vocals with glockenspiel to sustain the refrain. Peaceful and serene, it will play well as title track and background for advertising.


Rhythm Like You

Groovy and powerful, with a pop rock arrangement made of electric guitars, drums and bass that delivers 1 minute of intense and uplifting music commentary perfect for corporate, documentary, product show cases.



Warm and sincere, an ambient episode with traces of tender melancholic elements. Emotional acoustic arpeggios and evocative solos of trumpet and acoustic guitar create a wonderful sense of longing in space and time. As the title suggests, there is indeed a south American edge here, but definitely more in a calm-sunset-on-a-beach sausade way than carnival party time.


Letting You Win

Energetic with a modern feeling, featuring a compelling mix of electro synths and pop-rock instrumentation that deliver a perfect combo of inspirational coolness without getting too much in the way. Reminds a lesser version of some Coldplay hits. Ideal for bouncy corporate and inspirational videos.


Honey Doo

Bright and positive, with a catchy whistle and a friendly acoustic guitar that deliver a heartwarming and fun episode of music. Will suit relaxing and light 1 minute advertising, animations, and TV comedies.


Living Out Our Dreams

Serene and uplifting, with bright electric guitars and a happy-go-lucky upright piano that create a perfect flowing and warm mood. Arranged in a pop-rock fashion with a solid rhythmic base, will play well as title track for sitcoms and romantic comedies, but also as corporate playback bed.



Magical and groovy, with a sensual moog arpeggio and a mellow drum machine groove that make for a cool and energetic feeling nested on a mid-tempo rhythm. Like a passing cloud on early nineties pop-electronic skies. French electronica taste here. Will suit short form advertising and high-tech product videos.


Favourite Sweater

Bright and playful, with a light folk feeling delivered by accordion and acoustic guitar. In the second part the tune is complemented by a solid and reassuring bass guitar line. Will fit 30 seconds advertising and short product showcases.