FAB City

Electronic dance track. Calvin Harris-style synth, banging dance-floor beats and hyperactive arpeggiated synths. Several build and drops throughout. Anticipatory, fun and euphoric, suitable for a longform ad or short doc with the spirit of summer daytime raving.


Felo de Se (Suite)

Electronic beat-driven track. Tension-building repetitive bell-like synth rings out, dramatic intro before it opens up with trap beats and a synth-vocal humming. Tense at first then more laid back but still with a dark urban undertone, would suit a dramatic episode finale on TV or an advert for streetwear.

‘No Bells’ version is darker and edgier, suitable for a heavier story onscreen or for background music for short docs.

1 min and 30 second ad length versions available.



Bouncy electronic track. Duo of arpeggiated synth lines, the punchy beat drops, groovy synth line, joined by high-hat drums. Melodic break of 90s-style percussive synth, a beat break, before an outro straight out of a French house track: warm, anticipatory major synth chords and a mellow bassline. Suspenseful at first, excited, upbeat, groovy and fun with a slight element of danger. suitable for a serious action film scene that gains a sense of humour as the action progresses. Or a chase scene or advert of varying moods, with an ever-changing backdrop throughout.


Voices in My Head (Suite)

Dramatic anticipatory undertones, rich synth landscapes. Uneasy and dark. Excellent for underscore in tv / documentary dramas.



Uncomfortable reggae-funk, with what sounds like electronic braying donkeys in the background (melodica). A quizzical brooding atmosphere with heavy beats. Imagine a slightly dysfunctional circus-like “Your Woman” by White Town.


Stenet Strand (Instrumental)

Cool and quirky EDM with an electric feel. Becomes gently driving and positive. Laid back and sophisticated with a hint of mystery. End section opens out into a sense of wonder.


Klynkernes Bro

Downbeat electronica with percussive echoing sequences. Cool, sensual and snaking.



Sad ambient deep tones with organic tinkles, joined by evolving synth strings. Emotional with a quiet, powerful urgency.



Somber orchestral synths with chatter in the background at first, but then just orchestral synth and tinkling fx. Becomes grand and sensual, includes what sounds like throat singing in the background. Sci-Fi, fantasy, “Lara Croft discovers a new wondrous cavern” probably sums it up.