Armageddon Voucher

Bloopy electronic with feedback and sound effects. Opening synth phrase on repeat, creating a sense of propulsion. Noise and deep, grounding sound effects create a dark, murky atmosphere. Grows in volume and intensity before the noise drops out halfway through. The synth idea drops out and woozy, dreamlike synth drones are drowned out by harsh electronic feedback noise. Driving, hopeful and tense to begin with, then abstract, intense and overwhelming. Perfect for a sci-fi world or frightening documentary about the future of humankind.



Atmospheric electronic synth track. Pulsating synth beat with fleeting, futuristic shifting synths above. Spacey, dreamy and calm, creating a Tron-like neon world, perfect for TV/Film/Doc scenes referencing sci-fi worlds or a creating a soothing, ambient bubble.



Dark synth track. Mid-tempo distorted synth pulse to start. Dreamy synth washes over the track, added fragments of soft synth melody with fuzzy synth tendrils curling up through the unrelenting, motorik beat. Machines meet nature. Full of suspense and anticipation but with a hint of excitement, a shocking surprise could be just around the corner. Suitable for a tense scene, or as sombre, atmospheric music for a cutting edge documentary.


Listen to the Dialogue While I Do My Thing

Atmospheric synth instrumental. Layers of echoing synth. Fat, warm, 80s reverb-laden sound. Sombre orchestral string effect, chiming piano and glacial beats gives a serious, driving feeling. Intriguing, mysterious and strange, Twin Peaks-style ambience crossed with Enya and the Crimewatch theme tune, would suit a dark TV drama or as tension-building background music to an eye-opening documentary.



Dark and slow burning, featuring hypnotic synth arpeggios and mystical choirs that develop in a full grand orchestral hybrid arrangement in the second part. Builds up steadily till 1:50 and then steps up with brass instruments. Great fit for big epic film scoring and otherworldly, mystical characterisations. Flash Gordon would love this.



A Beetle Wonderment

Dreamy and smooth, with a soothing strings orchestra and an electronically filtered piano. Features a poignant theme played with a glockenspiel. Largely acoustic with a sprinkle of electronics, it is ideal for nature documentaries, otherworldly settings, quirky narratives and wandering creatures.


And the Players Can Play

Slow burning and hypnotic, featuring an electronic groovy rhythm with synths, djambees and charleston clusters. Builds quickly up to 0:30 and then remains steady towards the end section. It will work great on a variety of settings, including bed music for TV show games, connectors for fictional scenes, voiceover clips, noir flashbacks.



Confutatis Maledictis

Epic and dramatic, with an orchestral soul and a hybrid instalment of percussion and arpeggiated synths that leave every hesitation behind and rhythmically forces your character to take on its responsibilities. Its modern arrangement gives way to a multitude of settings, including Chris Nolan-like epic dramas, antihero quests, sci-fi threatening activities.


Black Matters

Highly charged epic, dark, and fast paced, with skewed strings and low pitched percussive elements that lead the way. A spicy hard rock electric guitar riff takes the scene in the second part. This is proper dark action stuff music. Decadent cities, alien huntings, dystopian futures are more than welcome here.


Once Upon a Time in the Future

Groovy with a hint of chiptune musical nostalgia, with electronic arpeggiated elements that pay homage to 8-bit computer music and sci-fi inspired Amiga and Atari video games. Reckless loops and a strong bass led theme are complemented by an orchestral section in the second part of the song.