A Body Up Against Itself

Folk rock instrumental. Short ambient intro, then main intro of mandolin with strummed guitar chords, solid drums a strong bass line join, adding punch and depth. Arpeggiated synth then an electronic break with synth strings, muted, faraway drums and atmospheric synth before the drums, bass and guitar kick in again. Confident and strident, yet thoughtful, folky with a harsh rock edge, perfect TV theme music to suit a terrestrial drama, or for an adventure/travel advert for the British outdoors.

No Drums, Stems and Ad length versions available



Solo piano track. Delicate piano notes turn into a waltzing rhythm, gently bobbing along, innocently, wistfully. Melody is repeated in a higher register, reaching higher, growing in confidence and strength. The melody is repeated for the last time, loud and strong, mid-range. Searching, gentle and determined, thoughtful music for a romantic, hopeful advert or TV/Film scene, quiet hope and resolve.


Pride and Joy

Violin and guitar led country instrumental. Electric guitar, drums and a country-style violin melody kick off, joined by slide guitar. Strong, rugged violin and effortless slide guitar mingle over the groove. Easy-going, upbeat and fun, with a slight emotional edge, would suit an American-style down-home food or drink advert, or an advert for a country-themed event promising a darn-tootin’ good time.


Cross (Justice Has Been Done)

Synth-heavy mid-pace electronic banger, reminiscent of early Daft Punk or Justice. A steady groove is augmented throughout the track, adding extra layers of fat synth and a retro organ sample. A drop in the mid-section builds to a warped version of the riff before a bigger build back to the main theme. Cool, determined, edgy and urban. Dark with flashes of neon light, this track struts, transforming the grey city streets into a technicolour catwalk. Perfect for fashion or sport adverts, or anything representing street or youth culture.


Quest for an Ice-cream

Playful and quirky, with a full orchestra arrangement that creates a sense of discovery and fun. Written from the point of view of a child that enters a magical world and look for a treat, it is big and grand but not intimidating. Structured in two parts, with a introduction that pauses at 0:10 and then brings on the full orchestra. Will suit perfectly 30 seconds form advertising.


When The Horizon Bursts

Soothing and contemplative, with swirling high pitched strings that evoke a sense of uneasiness on a solid and reassuring base of long cello drones. Orchestral percussion brings in tribal and epic reminders. Feels like Macbeth, or a classy Braveheart. “In the frosty air, the lonesome warrior reaches the summit of the mountain and beholds the grandioseness of a burning war field”.


Atonement Pass

Dissonant and cloudy, a crying lament of strings that successfully combines early classical 1900s influences with modern day film scoring. It has four definite sections that alternate relaxation with excitement. It will suit period dramas with complex characterisations but also possibly otherworldly and supernatural settings. Atonement. Downton Abbey if it had more balls.


Quantum Trip

A dreamy and ethereal start, with a filtered piano and marching percussion that create a somewhat emotional and grand feeling. In a continuous and constant progression, it gains decisive strength after minute 3, where the scene is complemented by other orchestral elements, such as a soothing cello and high pithed orchestral strings. With its full power ending, it will suit cinematic sequences that have a need to gradually transform introversion and emotional content in something grandiose and epic.


High Roller Jack

Repetitive and hammering, with a smoky electric guitar riff built as a direct reminder of seventies almighty rock icons such as Jimi and Frank. From 1:30 onwards it gains some nineties elements, culminating in a hi gain solo a la Slash and Guns and Roses. It will suit strong rhythmical visual sequences, sexy clubs, and controversial advertisement.



Powerful and majestic, with a delicate intro made of dreamy bells that lead to energetic flashes of orchestral spikes. Solemn and dark, it gradually grows in intensity and delivers a great background for supernatural thrillers and fantasy-like settings.