Desert Robes

Exotic dub track. Bubbling dub bass guitar lurches around like a ghost from Scooby Doo, wistful piano, surfy slide-style electric guitar, mysterious, exotic brass and reverb-laden electric guitar and drums all plod purposefully and carefully across the track. Saxophone solos smoothly, then duets, twangy electric guitar plays Tinariwen, desert rock-style, all in to finish. Thoughtful, exotic, mysterious and suspenseful, would suit a quiet Film/TV scene set in an intriguing, new place, our character immersed in a new and curious world.


Country Code (Suite)

Country music instrumental. Interweaving acoustic guitars, ramshackle drums, slide guitar, harmonica and a whistling effect all get down together at the county fair. A solid plodding bass line, à la Johnny Cash’s ‘Walk The Line’, keeps this topsy-turvy show on the road. Relaxed and jolly, this rollicking tune would suit adverts for a fun-for-all-the-family product, or a TV/Film country-livin’ pastiche.

1 minute ad length version also available.


Hill Billy

A guitar- and piano-led surf/blues stomper. A guitar riff with accompanying drums introduces a steady blues riff, soon joined by some Spongebob Squarepants-style slide guitar, bringing a surf vibe. The riff loops underneath bluesy piano trills. Piano and slide guitar come to the fore with a short electric guitar solo on top. All instruments confidently stride toward a traditional blues ending. Carefree, country, laid-back and cool. Distinctly American, evoking the wild west, both the saloons and the seaside. A laid-back track that brings unmistakeable stateside charm to adverts or on film.