Dark and slow burning, featuring hypnotic synth arpeggios and mystical choirs that develop in a full grand orchestral hybrid arrangement in the second part. Builds up steadily till 1:50 and then steps up with brass instruments. Great fit for big epic film scoring and otherworldly, mystical characterisations. Flash Gordon would love this.



Paranormal Haunting

Sapient combination of distorted synth brushes, hypnotic guitars and pulsating bass, all caged in a structured slightly off drums beat. Unsettling and unnerving but definitely powerful in its unraveling, it evokes spirited ghosts, paranormal activity, otherworldly and mystical images. Great for dark and suspenseful trailer music and ad campaigns.


My Garden

Lush warm fantasy with pizzicato and orchestral synth strings, female choral vocals and distant electric guitar. Ever so slightly kitsch.



Sad ambient deep tones with organic tinkles, joined by evolving synth strings. Emotional with a quiet, powerful urgency.



Somber orchestral synths with chatter in the background at first, but then just orchestral synth and tinkling fx. Becomes grand and sensual, includes what sounds like throat singing in the background. Sci-Fi, fantasy, “Lara Croft discovers a new wondrous cavern” probably sums it up.


Casinosøen (Instrumental)

Light and jaunty, EDM. Laid back and grooving with lots of arpeggiated synth lines. Futuristic and bright.



Cool otherworldly / sci-fi synth, simple, warm calm, comforting and strong. With piano and mystical voice developing gently with added synth strings.