Embrace the Silence

Melancholy piano waltz. Minor key piano progression to begin, looped under repeated single piano note motif. Higher register introduced and single notes become chords, building texture and anticipation. A piano melody emerges, soft and lyrical, growing higher and more powerful. Introspective and emotional, the sound of heartbreak and longing. Perfect for tense, emotional television and documentaries. A pleading lover, a harsh rebuke…left alone in silence.



Dramatic orchestral track. A flighty melodic phrase on woodwind, mimicked by strings and punctuated by vigorous percussion, joined by countermelody on woodwind before fuller orchestral melody enters. Excited, suspenseful, tense and nervous. Reminiscent of the Animals of Farthing Wood theme, suitable for a dramatic, high stakes film/TV sequence or an advert for a disaster-averting product.


Ghetto Orchestra

Dark, electronic trap with string samples. 90s-influenced string samples, distorted male vocal sample saying ‘ID please’, trap beats and female vocal sample begin. Joined by more fleeting string samples. Underwater section before the string-led section returns. Cool, urban and flashy in a 90s way, good music to strut to, perfect for tense, intriguing TV/Film/Doc scenes.


Percussion Experiments

Magical and dreamy, with an ethereal celeste and orchestral percussions that create a compelling mix of childish playfulness and a confident rhythmical manner. It will suit well 30 seconds adverts. A sense of discovery for a mysterious world where children with magical powers play with castles made of sand.



Dreamy and emotional but polluted in its arrangement, with digitally distorted synthesisers that swoop around the sonic sky and create an interesting black and white post apocalyptic romance theme. Futuristic and hypnotic, there is also a nice and straight kick drum bouncing on the lower spectrum of frequencies that help in establishing a catchy danceable rhythm.



Dark and sneaky, a synthesised bass drone decorated with prepared piano inserts and strings articulations that bring in a cheap horror feeling with an industrial element. This will nicely go along with those kind of thrillers and horrors where everyone in the audience thinks: “Really?”. For scary exploitation and b-movies with an ironic edge.


In the Dead of the Night

Pensive and somber, with an overarching negative mood given by bassy orchestral drones and subtle electronics. The middle section features a poignant counterpoint between a cello and an oboe. A sparse and saturnine sense of the inevitable leaning to Hollywood style romance stories.



Dark and disturbing, with dissonant synth pads and ethereal choirs that evoke a visceral and hypnotic feeling. It alternates rhythmical patterns with ambient loops. Trippy and acid mix of exotic flavours and modern beats that will happily take your character to non-linear realities.


Hide and Seek

Dark and hypnotic, with a wobbly bass synth and groovy drum beats that make for a deranged industrial setting. Challenging moments ahead. Feels like being underwater. Will suit sci-fi and dystopian worlds.


Dooms and Chills

Mysterious and saturnine, with filling bassy drones and evoking swarms of synths that create a sense of uneasiness and dark anticipation. Steady until 2:50, it then builds up to a more loaded setting at 4:00, and then delivers different thrilling flavours shifting every couple of minutes. Great for thrillers, horrors and psychological settings.