Dark techno track. Throbbing beats, vocal samples and a wash of deep, heavy rumbling synths, underpin a high pitched synth hook, trap beats and an energetic build. In full swing with syncopated beats, synths and deep, playful vocal samples. Murky, menacing and brazen, strange Burial-style techno, perfect for a fashion film or edgy documentary.


Geeks Groove

Mysterious electronic synth track. Repetitive synth intro, bouncy and arpeggiated, with spooky synth whooshes. New section of spookier synth riff, twinkling percussive bells and strings straight out of an old James Bond film, building anticipation. Sustained synth section with shuffling percussion becomes a dynamic, rhythmic synth section. Like Santigold but weird and wonky, topsy-turvy. Plodding yet classy, a real mystery. Intriguing and beguiling, would suit a provocative advert, a flashy product, sexy and stylish but a hint of danger.


Moment of Clarity

Evocative and dreamy, an ambient episode of music with nice and largely white atmospheres. Features high pitched female choirs, quirky randomised percussive elements, and a series of everlasting drones. Somewhere in between ancient and futuristic, it’s an acid vision for your protagonist, albeit strangely calm and with the foreboding feeling that everything, in the end, will be fine.


Intricate Workings

Dreamy with a groovy edge, a potpourri of computer blips, outer space laments, and Brain Eno-alike synth drones all complemented by a mellow dance rhythm. Built as ABA structure, it’s got a quirky and slightly unsettling mood, something like a slow cooked psychedelic trip on the dance floor.


I, Me

Dreamy and deranged, with an evocative exotic flavour and a bouncy percussive-led rhythm that bring you in a sort of Bollywood b-movie dungeon. Weird and hypnotic, will suit commercials and sequences with an ironic edge.



Dark and sneaky, a synthesised bass drone decorated with prepared piano inserts and strings articulations that bring in a cheap horror feeling with an industrial element. This will nicely go along with those kind of thrillers and horrors where everyone in the audience thinks: “Really?”. For scary exploitation and b-movies with an ironic edge.


Adventure Reality

Weird and bouncy, with syncopated djambees and a tentative double bass that dialogue together in a sort of silly and somewhat sinister 30 seconds of music. It has an interesting edge of dark playfulness that will suit off-advertising but also mickey-mousing of animated characters. Drunk and Disney.


Future Folk

Quirky and ethereal, with gritty bass synths and dreamy bells that create a playful but weird succession of chords. It is tender and mellow but also slightly unsettling. Synthetic flavour that would lead to generative music domains. A baby robot tentatively takes its first steps into a foreign world.



Dark and disturbing, with dissonant synth pads and ethereal choirs that evoke a visceral and hypnotic feeling. It alternates rhythmical patterns with ambient loops. Trippy and acid mix of exotic flavours and modern beats that will happily take your character to non-linear realities.


Dress Me Up

Catchy and playful, with saturated beats and a mildly aggressive synth that take the listener into a pop dimension but with grittiness and a lot of colour. A bit like Gary Numan ‘Cars’ mixed with a minimal hipster.