Panic Amongst the Dragonflies

Mysterious multi-instrumental. Atmospheric feedback intro followed by oom-pah-pah waltz rhythm and childish marimba melody. Orchestral strings and accordion join with a Gallic-inspired melody, reminiscent of Amélie. The melancholy gives way to excitable, erratic rhythms on all instruments, before a dynamic final section with passionate violin and jumpy marimba. Magical, melancholy and manic, perfect music to accompany a rainy midnight walk through the streets of Paris, only to end up in a sleazy speakeasy at the centre of an absinthe-sodden freakshow.


Consonance Complement

Solo jazz piano. Short, jerky jazz piano chords. Dissonant piano clusters with hints of sweetness. Main theme repeated an octave higher. then more dissonance with sophisticated intermittent jazz piano soloing and low piano rumbles. Back to the uncomfortable clusters with their moments of sunshine. Serious in a playful way, erratic, difficult and jumpy, would suit a Woody Allen style Film/TV scene set among neurotic urban intellectuals or a stylish advert for a swish old-fashioned beverage.



Breezy and atmospheric, with a nice combination of strings and woodwinds that deliver ostinato figures and create a bed for a piano solo theme in the middle section. It is somewhat excited and relentless, with a sad tone and melancholy lurching around. Definitely not standing still, will suit running scenes, possibly nature shots and short form adverts. Period dramas a la Atonement welcome here.


Playful Orchestra

Sneaky and playful, with pizzicato strings, brass accents and an alluring theme embodied by woodwinds and violins. Somewhere in between a big orchestra and a folk band, it steadily increases in tempo as it progresses. Great for light and quirky advertising.


Binary Girl

Catchy and positive, with intense Moog-like arpeggiated synths, flashes of dubstep inserts, and compelling guitars to set the scene for a synth pop song structure in the domain of cool electronica. Available both with and without vocals, will play well as soundtrack for teen comedies and dramas, but also as advertising refrain.


Letting You Win

Energetic with a modern feeling, featuring a compelling mix of electro synths and pop-rock instrumentation that deliver a perfect combo of inspirational coolness without getting too much in the way. Reminds a lesser version of some Coldplay hits. Ideal for bouncy corporate and inspirational videos.


Island Groove

Bouncy and off episodic, with a low-fi accent made up of retro synths and gated reverbs. An interesting remainders of old video games such as Super Mario Bros and Zelda. Playful and quirky, it will follow your character as it tries to tentatively survive in a world full of giant mushrooms and sneaky turtles.


Future Folk

Quirky and ethereal, with gritty bass synths and dreamy bells that create a playful but weird succession of chords. It is tender and mellow but also slightly unsettling. Synthetic flavour that would lead to generative music domains. A baby robot tentatively takes its first steps into a foreign world.