Tense orchestral track. Piano intro, chiming marimba, melancholy lyrical cello solo, threatening piano chords and deep, dangerous double bass builds to more tense, dynamic section. Wailing violins and high piano notes spell an underlying threat. Intriguing, suspenseful and chilling at times, murder-mystery music, would suit a tense film scene or an elegantly violent high society thriller.



Warm piano and marimba track. Repetitive, emotional piano, warm orchestral strings swell and mellow melodic marimba. Calm, relaxed and romantic, would suit an advert for a loving product that will protect your family, or as background music for positive campaign videos and documentaries.



Delicate, bubbling electronic/acoustic track. Marimba, acoustic guitar, flutes, piano and synth flit across the surface or bubble up from below. Melodic synth break halfway through before a dreamy flute section. Eclectic, atmospheric and mysterious. A versatile track, sounds like Air doing the American Beauty soundtrack or like Lost In Translation crossed with a American detective series.



A short, marimba-led percussive build. Layers of tense, dynamic percussion intensify over a repeated melodic motif on marimba and bass guitar. Nerve-wracking, mischievous and fluttering with excitement. Perfect for a tense movie scene, time passing too quickly- Will we make it, or will it be too late?


Happy Blocks (Suite)

A cheerful cat-and-mouse game featuring orchestral violins and marimba. Pizzicato violins start with a jaunty melodic idea, soon accompanied by rousing timpani. The violins’ melodic sequence moves to a higher register and playful marimba dances around the melody. Marimba develops into a counter melody before the track ends with a bang. Playful, mysterious, fun and light-hearted, it would suit a comedic interlude on a tv documentary, reality TV shows featuring family members or pets up to mischief, or an ad for something unreasonably desirable that the listener would go to humorous lengths to acquire.

Chaotic version features more marimba action.



Jazz instrumental. Electric guitar phrase repeated, marimba enter with a contrasting motif, dynamic drums and breezy brass on top. Short break before a funky bass, marimba, keyboard and sax solo section. 70s wocka wocka electric guitar with polyphonic rhythms. Psychedelic keyboards continue the 70s vibe with jazz brass. Gentle, bubbling guitar and keys section, drums join and brass re-enters. Ends on a blast of brass. Fun, sophisticated and positive, would suit a documentary, film trailer or some other journey on film, effortlessly moving across borders, styles and genres.



African jazz-style instrumental. Dynamic drum intro, bold brass enters in unison, African-style jazz guitar, Étiopiques-style keys and lively marimba before a siren-like chiming, dissonant brass build, over increasingly frenetic marimba. Returns to jazz groove with a sax solo on top and a repeated melodic motif underneath on keys. Full band to the end. Joyful and excited, reckless and strange at times, would suit an upbeat summer advert, or as evocative mood music for a travel documentary.