Short, driving synth track. Chiming, repetitive synth riff with heavy delay, pause then bouncy, bassy, arpeggiated synth build. Insistent, inspiring and assured, a colourful, neon ride through a nocturnal retro-future, perfect for a propulsive advert, or wistful, upbeat Tron-like TV scene.


Notes of Dust in the Sunshine

Laid back jazz track. Soft brass, snippets of piano and dynamic double bass keep it easy-going and improvisational. Cool and calm with late night vibes, repetitive and emphatic, perfect for a thoughtful, reflective TV/Film moment, or for a curious documentary observing the subtle idiosyncrasies of a people.


Coming Up To 8

Chimes with slow squelchy beats. Mysterious song with acoustic guitar and long reverberations. Gives a sense of suspense and otherworldliness.