Electric Dust

Electronic instrumental with fat synths. Electronic beats and congas to start, joined by electric guitar build up, anticipatory synths grow to a frenetic, squelchy synth section with industrial beats. Clunky, noisy beats give way to a delicate and funky guitar riff. Builds back to punchy, garish synths and relentless, driving beats. Hyperactive, unpredictable and high-energy, positive party music to build excitement. Would suit a rollicking ad campaign or breathless onscreen chase scene.


Dance Flaws

Fast-paced beat-driven chase track. Piano chords and instant driving breakbeat rhythms. Hammond organ-style synth notes, funk guitar and synth chords give a 70s vibe over the modern beats. Drum break with electronic samples like barking dogs before full throttle, all in to the end. High octane, excited, breathless and thrilling, suitable for a TV/Advert chase scene, imagine a mad dash across busy city streets to get to that essential product before it’s too late.


The Chase

Powerful percussive thriller. Relentless cacophonous beats above a threatening descending electronic drone. Dark, atmospheric and tense, a breathless, terrifying race through dark back alleys, our character has chosen flight, but might have to fight…


Even Once (Suite)

Wistful solo jazz piano. A sustained note intro like raindrops followed by jazz chords, piano trills and a full melody. Pastoral, breathless and new, calling to mind the natural landscape, would suit a thoughtful film/doc/TV scene passing over a lush landscape refreshed and awake after a storm or a long winter.

Multi-instrumental version with warm strings, mellow saxophone and shuffling percussion joined by tinkling piano and a freak folk chorus of faraway voices, calling to mind Wickerman-style pagan England.


Into the Black (Instrumental)

Pulsating instrumental electronic track. A threatening synth pulse, turning into a full blown drum ‘n’ bass beat with a repeated melodic synth motif on top. A pause, the pulse re-enters, relentless and driving, with laser synth beats and other electronic effects. The track builds until the end. Breathless, thrilling, cool and dark, perfect for a tense chase scene in a bombastic urban gangster tv/film sequence or an ad parodying this type of edgy thriller.


Revel in the Flame (Suite)

An uplifting love song with or without vocals. Acoustic guitar and kick drum punch out a rhythmic start, building anticipation. We ease into the song, verse then chorus, then verse with added piano and drums followed by more powerful, rousing chorus. The break maintains this intensity before it’s taken down a notch for one chorus before bursting into a heady but tender finale. Inspiring, positive, romantic, and full of breathless excitement, this emotional grower would suit earnest, all-American films or TV dramas. Our characters, finally reunited, having been kept apart by a series of misunderstandings, decide “Let’s just kick it off…” and embrace love.

The instrumental version is an inspiring guitar and piano build, perfect for rousing, feel-good adverts.


Darklands (Suite)

A frenetic percussive track hurtling toward a dramatic conclusion. Pounding high-octane drums, a low foreboding synth drone, cymbal crashes. A machine-like electronic tone builds tension to a cacophony of heavier drums joined by unsettling electronic feedback. Glitchy electronics intensify to fragmented chaos. Tense, unsettling and breathless, suited to the thrilling climax of a chase scene, a terrifying manhunt or a high-energy advert for a powerful substance.

Perc + FX only Polyphonic drum layers growing in strength and intensity. the futuristic electronic effects coupled with the pounding drums creates a visceral impression of a dark, dangerous post-apocalyptic cityscape.

Perc only conjures images of warfare on unknown territories, troops in a jungle environment pursued by guerilla fighters. Also suitable for adverts for any difficult task, or uphill battle.