G Code

Sombre urban electronica. Dark synth lines, pulsating beats and hand clap effects, joined by epic synth chords and broken phrases of a mournful piano melody. Downbeat, melancholy and uneasy, would suit an earnest TV scene or documentary exploring a troubling issue.


Day Off School

Acoustic folk/country instrumental. Bluegrass acoustic guitars, jaunty fiddles, rollicking drums and hand claps, jangly mandolins and surly double bass. Upbeat, energetic and earnest, a jangly folk number to suit adverts or TV/Film/Doc scenes trying to keep it country.


The Sea

Solo Piano waltz. Swooning, swaying piano motifs, floating chord progressions and buoyant piano lines and a swell of solo piano over a waltzing rhythm. Earnest, emotional, searching, tender and, finally, determined. A journey across the sea surface and into the depths, would suit a TV/Film scene with heavy emotional impact or more intimate, soul-searching scenarios.


Revel in the Flame (Suite)

An uplifting love song with or without vocals. Acoustic guitar and kick drum punch out a rhythmic start, building anticipation. We ease into the song, verse then chorus, then verse with added piano and drums followed by more powerful, rousing chorus. The break maintains this intensity before it’s taken down a notch for one chorus before bursting into a heady but tender finale. Inspiring, positive, romantic, and full of breathless excitement, this emotional grower would suit earnest, all-American films or TV dramas. Our characters, finally reunited, having been kept apart by a series of misunderstandings, decide “Let’s just kick it off…” and embrace love.

The instrumental version is an inspiring guitar and piano build, perfect for rousing, feel-good adverts.



An atmospheric journey with dreamlike textures, featuring bells, shuffling drums, and syncopated orchestral strings. Searching, driven, and slightly chaotic, suitable for promo videos, travel segments and poignant moments. Picture a lush dreamy national geographic panorama.