Sweet simple piano and bells, joined by light string section. At 0:30 mins in there is a more pensive section, a feeling of hesitation, “will everything be ok?” but then we are warmly reassured from 1:05 mins in, with instrumentation that builds to a strong and triumphant end. Perfect music for, I don’t know, a feel good video about adopting a puppy? I see puppies. Damn those Andrex adverts.


GOSH – Struggle & Hope (suite)

Simple acoustic guitar picking is joined by bells and pulsing strings, developing into a charged track with feelings of darkness, struggle and glints of hope. Different sections bring in instruments like harp and xylophone for a short period of light relief, then the track races to its end with dramatic string crescendo.


Un Frere et la Mer

Simple melodic guitar and percussion with feelings of fantasy, magic and a hint of oriental. Beautiful arpeggios layer upon each other in positive waves, accompanied by echoing vibraphone/glockenspiel, threatening to launch into the stratosphere. However the organic instrumentation keeps one foot steadfastly in reality, and what a nice lush reality it is 🙂 Perfect for a brand doc about something delicate and refined, feels a bit like you are flying above green pastures.



Crisp summery house beats with tasteful conga and a bassline that is just falling over itself. Soft rhodes and tinkling percussion create a lush atmosphere, reminds me of a dreamy beach party in Ibiza. Alone – Blissfully dancing on your own maybe? As opposed to being alone and sad with no mates 🙂 Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman)



Ambient, minimal piano, slightly stilted, is joined by gentle but clear acoustic guitar, creating feelings of tension and release. Builds with light percussion and minimal kick drum to a tense crescendo. Relief in the second half, with an open and “breathable” ending. Serious but also hopeful, and ultimately serene.



Atmospheric, urgent piano track with added emotive string parts. Driving, dynamic and moving, perfect for humanitarian campaign videos and promotional material.



Round bouncy synth in an arpeggiated monotone start, joined by organ and cheerful high synth. Building lightly with tiny cymbal strikes, then breaks down into a small organ section. Final section builds to a full beat but still has that gentle laid back feeling to it. Warm, gentle and reassuring.



Confident rock drums are joined by a growling bassline reminiscent of early artist “Peaches”. Groove continues with shrill synth string interjections and ends tidily. Straight to the point and no nonsense.


Making Your Point

Medium-fast synthpop with vocal ahhs and oohs. Strong beats and violently happy, makes you want to run free and fast. Young, fiercely proud, pulse quickening and driven. Reminiscent of MGMT’s “Kids” but harder and faster.


Circle (Tear) Jerking

Pensive slow electronica. Clear and crisp with strong programmed drums. Strong chorus with chimes and blaring brass. Would suit a demo vid of some sort of brilliant new cool technology. 2:56 brass breakdown to final chorus. Fiercely proud with more than a hint of cool strength.