Searching and feel-good. Soft Folk melodic tones are joined by guitar, piano, angelic vocals and rhythm that reminds me of “Close to me” by The Cure, except this is pure, wholesome and moving. Definitely moving, you feel yourself either running or flying across landscapes. Fiercely positively driving, that’s the way to describe it I reckon. For ads and campaigns, with the message that we’re getting somewhere, it’s all going to be alright.



Folk roots, with vox, piano and guitar, building with anticipatory percussion (hi-hat and tambourine), breaking from a walk into an effortless run. Vocals pushing the fantasy but never in a way that leaves reality. For ads and campaigns, with the message that something magical, wonderful is happening and you’re all invited.


5 Silver Line (suite)

Running over the hills, through the forest, but like, as fast as the wind. In black and white, as part of a dramatic film sequence (or an advert for Jägermeister) – is my exploitative interpretation of this brilliantly thumping and atmospheric track. Tribal drums (in the folk sense?) perfectly synchronised with acoustic guitar keep you on your toes with off-kilter time signatures and dramatic flourishes. The vocal version adds a close but haunting feel pushing you like the wind… you can probably tell I like this track. Imagine Woodkid, if Woodkid was good.


Occupy (Suite)

Positive, earnest woody and organic. Harmonising guitar arpeggios, piano, cello, and percussion evoke a feeling of hope, well-being and a positive outcome. Suits positive stories, scenes of triumph over adversity, and heartfelt family moments. Suite with various mixes.


Stories and stones

Catchy and uplifting, with a folk acoustic guitar and a warm male choirs that create an interesting and compelling episode of indie acoustic folk. The second part develops into a fully arranged piece with increased complexity. Several applications, from emotional and in your face commercials to soundtracks for dramas and bittersweet comedies


Un Frere et la Mer

Simple melodic guitar and percussion with feelings of fantasy, magic and a hint of oriental. Beautiful arpeggios layer upon each other in positive waves, accompanied by echoing vibraphone/glockenspiel, threatening to launch into the stratosphere. However the organic instrumentation keeps one foot steadfastly in reality, and what a nice lush reality it is 🙂 Perfect for a brand doc about something delicate and refined, feels a bit like you are flying above green pastures.


Standing Still

Proud and quirky, melodica and rhodes with acoustic guitar arpeggios and squelchy percussive rhythms and finally timpanis. Reminiscent of Bjork in a fun mood.


Sei Nu mei

Moody, strong and beautiful, acoustic and electric guitar with strong echoing industrial rhythms and warm, glass-like sounds. Female “oo’s” wash in and out. Reminiscent of Bjork.


The Happy and the Sad

Sweet, light and innocent plucked strings are joined by synth bass and kalimba. Happy and wistful.


Music for an Underground Circus

The sound of a half-forgotten carnival, for harmoniums, toy piano and strings. Slow, steady, expressive and sad. Dramatic and slightly unwell.