Late Nights

Atmospheric, brooding electronica. Warm, pulsating synth intro joined by chilled r’n’b/trap beats and breathy female vocal samples. Laid back, calm and dreamy, perfect for a breezy onscreen moment or glamorous advert.



A dance track mixing African- and Caribbean-influenced urban British styles. Dancehall-like drums & vocal samples give way to silvery synths and MC-style vocals, growing in rhythmic intensity with snare, synth and vocal samples. A heavily processed female helium vocal sample is introduced over trance-style synth and erratic beats, heavy synths intensifying until an abrupt ending. Dancey, urban, dark and complex. Walking through the city late at night, neon signs glowing, street lights, dodgy characters all around but our protagonist owns the streets.



Searching and feel-good. Soft Folk melodic tones are joined by guitar, piano, angelic vocals and rhythm that reminds me of “Close to me” by The Cure, except this is pure, wholesome and moving. Definitely moving, you feel yourself either running or flying across landscapes. Fiercely positively driving, that’s the way to describe it I reckon. For ads and campaigns, with the message that we’re getting somewhere, it’s all going to be alright.