Dreamy R’n’B. Bloopy synth intro then woozy dreamlike synths contrasted with dancehall woodblock beats. Deep bass beats and shaker and a synth skank complete the intricate rhythmic patchwork. Soulful piano brings wistful sophistication. Downbeat and nostalgic, yet bright and hopeful, instrumental bedroom hip hop to suit onscreen romance or gentle, thoughtful content.


Underwater Theme 02

Bassy synth track. Deep bassy synth, bleepy synth lines and dynamic syncopated, dancehall-beats create a deep underwater groove. Insistent, edgy and full of anticipation, like a ticking clock, would suit a short investigative documentary segment, or podcast soundtrack.


Run Away

Flashy EDM. Uplifting synth chord intro, joined by anticipatory trap beats and a female vocal sample. Shouty vocal samples over a fast, vinyl-scratching build. Drops a laid back dancehall beat over fat trancey synth chords. Sparse trap beat section with vox samples and percussive synth. Build, drop, repeat. Summery, fun and chilled, with an edge, suitable for pop culture-related documentaries, reality TV, idents or street fashion advertising.



A dance track mixing African- and Caribbean-influenced urban British styles. Dancehall-like drums & vocal samples give way to silvery synths and MC-style vocals, growing in rhythmic intensity with snare, synth and vocal samples. A heavily processed female helium vocal sample is introduced over trance-style synth and erratic beats, heavy synths intensifying until an abrupt ending. Dancey, urban, dark and complex. Walking through the city late at night, neon signs glowing, street lights, dodgy characters all around but our protagonist owns the streets.