Catch You Instrumental

Downbeat indie instrumental. Brooding bass guitar, subtle drums, repetitive riffs, floaty harp-like electric guitar with flighty synth cutting through. Slow, steady, thoughtful and moody, with a hint of hope, perfect background music for a pensive indie film moment, or for a tempting TV show trailer.



Uplifting orchestral track. Warm orchestral strings and sparkling percussion with added harp, drums and choral vocals. A merry dance with a festive feel, somehow Christmassy although imbued with golden sunshine. Delicate, bright and brimming with hope, would suit an advert for an exciting, magical event or a warm and hopeful TV/Film moment.


The Wall Pt 1 & 2

Atmospheric piano track with mechanical sound effects. Clunking and whirring background sound effects, like the inner workings of a pocket watch and the tapping of typewriter keys, underpin slow piano chords and lyrical orchestral strings, growing in emotional intensity throughout with added strings and more melodic, powerful piano. Introspective, pensive and nostalgic, would suit a TV/Film sequence set in 19th century Paris, or a scene evoking the mechanical workings of a dark, lonely city.

Pt 2 features sparse piano as well as harp and pizzicato violin strings.


GOSH – Struggle & Hope (suite)

Simple acoustic guitar picking is joined by bells and pulsing strings, developing into a charged track with feelings of darkness, struggle and glints of hope. Different sections bring in instruments like harp and xylophone for a short period of light relief, then the track races to its end with dramatic string crescendo.


Alarm In Shadow

Haunting and hard hitting intro music reminiscent of DJ Shadow. Heartbeat rhythm, warning, emergency, hospital drama. Medium Pace.


AB Love

Sad and melancholic harp song incorporating the haunting sound of playing children. With sorrowful harmonies and strings building to an ambient conclusion, suitable for TV drama, mystery or pensive reflective moments.