Listen to the Dialogue While I Do My Thing

Atmospheric synth instrumental. Layers of echoing synth. Fat, warm, 80s reverb-laden sound. Sombre orchestral string effect, chiming piano and glacial beats gives a serious, driving feeling. Intriguing, mysterious and strange, Twin Peaks-style ambience crossed with Enya and the Crimewatch theme tune, would suit a dark TV drama or as tension-building background music to an eye-opening documentary.


Fight Mode

Tense, beat-driven loopable electronic texture. Dark breakbeat and bass synths. Tense, dark and urban, like the soundtrack to a computer game where we navigate dark, dangerous city streets after dark, dodging bad guys along the way.


Goodbye Goodbye

Poignant and disturbed, featuring a broken electric guitar and several layers of echoed synth strings. A sense of unraveling that brings an impossible romance to the table. It’ll perfectly fit as main theme for two star-crossed lovers, emotional teen dramas, and sequences where love can just hurt more than needed.


Piano Memories 1

Contemplative and meditative with a nostalgic edge, featuring a piano solo that scatters an emotional theme on wide echoed sonic fields. Melancholic and sad, yet longing for a better life, will represent beautifully a character with complex personality traits and a difficult situation.


Major Trajectory

Ethereal and dreamy, with an emotional orchestral swarm that lives to unravel a resolution chord in its final part. Features a full orchestra and a bunch of high notes to balance fairy tale with reality. Ideal for the pregnant moment where characters are reunited, the story is unraveled, and emotional stakes are high.


Black Matters

Highly charged epic, dark, and fast paced, with skewed strings and low pitched percussive elements that lead the way. A spicy hard rock electric guitar riff takes the scene in the second part. This is proper dark action stuff music. Decadent cities, alien huntings, dystopian futures are more than welcome here.