Kuzka’s Mother (Suite)

Electronic orchestral string fusion. Orchestral string intro with single delay-effect piano notes building anticipation. Breaks into 90s trip hop drums with dramatic orchestral strings, piano chords and a dirty synth line. Synth break, back to the string motif. Final section is without strings, beat-driven breakdown. Glamorous, dangerous and sexy, a 90s throwback with a modern edge, where Massive Attack meets Clean Bandit, would suit a slick car advert or could bring some glamour to a gritty British TV show or film about modern youth.

Version available without lead strings.

1 min and 30 sec ad length version available.

String stem track available.


Soaring Dreams

Delicate yet jumpy and surprising, with a structure that spans through 4 different musical ideas and arrangements throughout the piece. A classical and poignant orchestral start followed by a paced, urged second section. After that, a solid rhythmical element enters the scene and takes the piece at its maximum level of complexity. The last part is left to a somber and saturnine piano with the help of rarefied woodwinds inserts. Overarching all these shifts, a feeling of melancholy and yearning, a flower full of hope.



That very thick cloud stuck in your mind

Dark and dreamy, featuring two distinctive sections: one with warm and fully charged synths, oppressing drones and skewed FX manipulation; the second with a tension-building 4-on-the-floor kick drum and a full a la Gorecki orchestral arrangement. Highly charged psychological thriller it’s the first application that comes to mind, but here there’s definite potential for a far deeper reach within your character’s wicked development. Scary.


Playful Orchestra

Sneaky and playful, with pizzicato strings, brass accents and an alluring theme embodied by woodwinds and violins. Somewhere in between a big orchestra and a folk band, it steadily increases in tempo as it progresses. Great for light and quirky advertising.


End and Beginning

Reflective, dark and searching, with deep repetitive timpani and a sorrowful piano performance that play in the low range of frequencies to deliver a poignant feeling of inevitability. Something big is happening. It steadily grows in intensity as a compelling string ensemble builds and builds. Our protagonist is finally ready to accept the consequences of an inevitable, dramatic reality.


The Tides of Life

Slow and intense, a solo piano tune with a long reverb that conjures images of dreamy, haunted angels. It has a somewhat plasticky feeling that hits somewhere in the middle of being for real or just daydreaming. As it progresses the mood shifts into epic territories using long form drones and high pitched synth instances. We are probably watching passers-by from the top of an evanescent skyscraper.


Sprinkles of Black Youth

Dreamy and hypnotic, a sapient episode of twisted synths, sustained and haunting bass drones, and heavily effected celesta that bring an unsettling and scary mood to the listener. It has a weird playful edge that evokes a sense of youth, though we are definitely not playing with positive characters here. Several applications, among those will suit teen thrillers, supernatural horrors with a delicate aftertaste.


Quantum Trip

A dreamy and ethereal start, with a filtered piano and marching percussion that create a somewhat emotional and grand feeling. In a continuous and constant progression, it gains decisive strength after minute 3, where the scene is complemented by other orchestral elements, such as a soothing cello and high pithed orchestral strings. With its full power ending, it will suit cinematic sequences that have a need to gradually transform introversion and emotional content in something grandiose and epic.



Calm and repetitive, with a sentimental reverberated piano and a light touched glockenspiel that take us around for one of those long and longing Sunday afternoons. It’s cold but also strangely hopeful. A natural complement for your broken characters, the ones that never know where to look for a glimpse of deserved tranquillity and happiness.



Powerful and majestic, with a delicate intro made of dreamy bells that lead to energetic flashes of orchestral spikes. Solemn and dark, it gradually grows in intensity and delivers a great background for supernatural thrillers and fantasy-like settings.