Quietly epic cinematic orchestral string build with electric guitar and piano. Sustained orchestral strings over hand drum percussion. Warm synth notes and tinkling piano melody bring lightness and joyful anticipation. Angelic choral vocal samples break in before a change to a harder synth section. The sunshine breaks through the clouds with electric guitar cutting through the wash of strings and choral vocals. Piano rejoins with a simple, hopeful melodic pattern. Powerful and moving, yet gentle and thoughtful, Elbow-like emotional build to suit an inspiring advert or a triumphant onscreen finale.


Blue Dusk

Atmospheric orchestral string track with electronic drones, vocal samples and Arabic-style percussion. Other-worldly ambient intro of vocal effects and muted sustained orchestral strings. Percussion joins, tambourine and hand drums, giving a Middle Eastern influence. Piano and string break. String drones and percussion resumes, choral effects added, lending gravitas and sense of awe and wonder. Powerful, atmospheric and mysterious, perfect for a historical, Middle-Eastern Film/TV/Documentary scene, sounds of a storied past.


Distant Lights

Gentle orchestral string track with electronic beats. Shimmering, sustained orchestral strings over subtle electronics. Muted irregular electronic beats add an edge, then choral vocal samples add heavenly harmonies. Strings build and envelop everything. Serene, celestial and spacey, perfect for an eye-opening documentary or as calming background music for an inspiring advert.



Atmospheric electronic track with accordion. Broken underwater synth chords, bloopy, deep and mellow, build a beguiling atmosphere. Soon joined by freely melodic, meandering accordion giving it a French flair as watery chords and deep sea synths lay down calming chords and mermaid choruses. Magical, vast and deep, a hopeful, experimental track perfect as documentary background music or for a Gallic product or film, or to accompany a frightened mermaid morphing back to human form.



An epic orchestral track featuring strings, choral vocals and powerful percussion. Percussive blasts introduce synthesised orchestral strings. Ascending orchestral strings heighten the tension further as loud percussion rumbles underneath. Sustained notes and choral vocal effects add to the sense of danger that is developing. Main melodic theme returns with a string counter melody and high pitched choral vocals. Female choral vocals soar above the melody and percussion, bass male vocals take the lower level before the finale of sustained strings and vocals. Tense, determined, powerful and threatening, suitable for film or TV sequences showing a group’s determination and strong will in the face of a common enemy, set on a vast and unforgiving landscape.



Lyrical harp and orchestral string track. Fairytale orchestral strings with choral-like atmospheric synth sounds. Haunting, magical and intriguing, would suit a fantasy TV/Film sequence or mysterious advert.