4 Rooms

Cinematic orchestral string track with piano. Soaring, sustained celestial strings shift notes slowly over a serene bubble of gentle piano arpeggios. Calm, peaceful and inspiring, quietly epic and filmic, perfect music for a film set in space, the other-worldly moments of wonder. Also suitable for comforting adverts and awe-inspiring documentaries.


Blue Dusk

Atmospheric orchestral string track with electronic drones, vocal samples and Arabic-style percussion. Other-worldly ambient intro of vocal effects and muted sustained orchestral strings. Percussion joins, tambourine and hand drums, giving a Middle Eastern influence. Piano and string break. String drones and percussion resumes, choral effects added, lending gravitas and sense of awe and wonder. Powerful, atmospheric and mysterious, perfect for a historical, Middle-Eastern Film/TV/Documentary scene, sounds of a storied past.



Spacey synth soundscape. Mellow synth with heavy delay and reverb effects, church-like awe-struck ambience. Waves of warm, ambient synth undulate then trail off. Calm, soothing and reverent, suitable for a celestial Film/TV/Doc montage, a dream sequence, or reflective journey.


Playground Piano (Suite)

A short, resonant piano piece. Piano chord progression, reminiscent of church music, played with similar conviction and reverence. Full of awe, intensity, certainty, love, with a hint of sadness. Suitable for an emotional moment on film or TV, a funeral, or a moment of loss or of great change, reverent and respectful, heavy with emotion. Would also suit an advert suggesting sunshine after the rain.

Extended version features broken chords, as well as contemplative glockenspiel.

Extended version with Strings features sustained orchestral string swells, and glockenspiel. More emotional and immersive.


Africa Dawn

African tribal piece with a sense of anticipation, inspiration and celebration, with orchestral strings, african percussion, shakers, sticks and xylophone. Meditative, raw and relaxing, suitable for inspiring projects related to Africa and or world documentaries.