Get Charged (Righteous Remix)

Funky 90s vocal and sample track. Vocals burst in from the start, laid back 90s samples, squelchy beats, cymbals, funky keys. Added orchestral strings add a serious note under the breezy beats. Chilled and cool with a slightly serious edge, a mash up of samples and influences, swinging between cool and intense. Ultimately a funky call to action.

Non-vocal version available.


Sidewalk Strut (Instrumental)

A smooth and steady funk groove. Hi-hat and broken guitar chords are joined by a walking bass, guitar melody and kick drums. Sax and bongos get the party started, before a busy bass line, funk guitar chords and more bursts of sax take things up a notch. Dramatic melodic stabs toward the end build anticipation for the return to funkytown. Laid-back, cool, chilled but fun and funky fresh. Imagine the opening credits of a 70s cop buddy show, as the unlikely pair cruise around NYC, or a pastiche of this genre. Also suitable for advertising products guaranteed to give you a good time.


Focus (Dharana)

A slow and unhurried build with synth strings and radiant tonal swirls. A roving bass line joins at 0:40. At 2:09 it breaks into something classy, a laid back but grooving rhythm section bears down and comes into its own at 3:33, losing the swirling synths, but adding rhythmic piano stabs. At 7:05 the swirls are back but now pulsing in time; at 7:49 our original strings and swirls are back again, finally at 9:14 the track gradually breaks down towards a faded end. Glamourous and dreamy with a killer groove. I’d imagine this working for a sophisticated branding video, for luxury products and/or spaces.



Confident, dynamic and well produced reggae, with a strong brass section and a tight arrangement. Elements of dub, imagine a laid back version of “I don’t like cricket”. Will suit beach, club, lounging scenes where you haven’t got a care in the world. Will suit ads, travel videos, anything with an exotic and bold vibe.


In Between

A sensual patchwork of sounds that goes deep into funk and soul territories, with a solid bass line and catchy electric guitars to create a cool mix of pop, funk, soul and fusion. An interesting combination of early Phoenix and Jamiroquai, available with or without vocals.


West Side at Night

Catchy and groovy, with modern dub beats and a dusty low-fi feeling that take you for a spin in a city full of lights and graffiti. Good for urban settings with a skewed retro look, but also for showcase and promo videos.


As Lovers Do

Crisp and smooth, with a marked jazzy brass influence but also Latin remainders and juicy funky guitars. Soft and romantic with an exotic edge, this is pure gold for the lovers of smooth jazz, with top notch solo performances and great taste in the arrangment.



Delicate and bright, with a wonderful smooth jazz feeling, mingled with fresh samba rhythms and a funky attitude. Strongly rhythmical yet perfect for chill out settings, it features great sax and keyboard solos.



Gritty hip hop and funky elements make for an energetic and cheap jingle-like short episode of compelling beats. An orchestral arrangement complements the scene and creates a 1 minute musical progression ideal for sport broadcasting and anything that requires a short and energetic interlude.


Slow Dream

Catchy, cheesy and energetic, this mid-tempo track features a funky beat with clav, drums, and brass section. At 1:05 it features a quirky reverberated vibraphone. Tongue in cheek and in your face, it pays homage to Soul/RnB/Funk, ideal for something like Supermarket Sweep.