Utter Nutter Theme (Suite)

Groovy 70s funk. Cheesy horn blasts, funky beats, vinyl scratching samples, zany saxophone interludes and jazz piano in your face in an explosion of wacky, swirling 70s groove. Fun, upbeat and happy, retro 70s New York vibes with a cheesy edge, imagine as a TV theme tune for a NYC cop show about 2 crazy cops getting into some hilarious scrapes, or for an advert promising to inject excitement into family mealtimes.


AP Comedy Live 60 secs

Amazing orchestral production in a zany comedy farce. It’s a full on circus of errors, the feeling of a scene where everything is happening and anything can happen. Short and sweet, with a pause for effect before a blasting end. Full live orchestra. Suitable for rich comedy moments, classic cartoon and fun adverts.