Utter Nutter Theme (Suite)

Groovy 70s funk. Cheesy horn blasts, funky beats, vinyl scratching samples, zany saxophone interludes and jazz piano in your face in an explosion of wacky, swirling 70s groove. Fun, upbeat and happy, retro 70s New York vibes with a cheesy edge, imagine as a TV theme tune for a NYC cop show about 2 crazy cops getting into some hilarious scrapes, or for an advert promising to inject excitement into family mealtimes.


Lunaberry Trail

Reggae instrumental track with jazz piano. Rocksteady rhythms, jazz piano solos, smooth brass interludes, bubbling bass guitar and sax solos. Relaxed and blissful at times. Summery but with an urban edge. Jamaican culture through the lens of 1970s London, perfect for Film/TV/Doc scenes set in a volatile, sweltering cityscape.


A Father’s Grip

Thoughtful acoustic guitar folk instrumental. Slow and pensive folky melodic acoustic guitar intro. A pause then a faster section, with finger-picking repetitive folk/blues guitar. A more meandering, explorative section follows into a more upbeat improv-style, rootsy country/folk section. Contemplative at first, then hopeful and positive, yet low-key. Bert Jansch with hints of boogie-woogie, a guitar journey to accompany reflective, traditional scenes on TV/Film/Adverts.



Spacey synth track. Arpeggiated robotic synth, blobby beats, steady drums, stellar synth sound effects. Futuristic, celestial and expansive, perfect Kraftwerk-style retro soundtrack to a fun documentary or a playful advert. The sound of the future, as imagined in the ’70s.


Peaceful Place

A 90s-inspired-by-the-70s chill-out jazzy hip hop jam with drums, bass and keys. Drums and bass keep things steady as mellow repeated keyboard chords and a twinkling keyboard motif play on top. Cool, romantic, laid back and warm, this mellow jam would suit retro tv and film scenes where our character drives or struts through familiar streets.


Damn Good Thing

A 90s style hip hop, jazz-inspired track with vocal samples. Jazzy Jeff-style vinyl scratching, vocal samples repeating “damn good thing”, electronic glitches and sustained keyboard chords create a Nuyorican vibe to start this track. More vocal samples are introduced, with a keyboard melody, child’s vocals, jazzy hip hop drums, ending on the vox sample “my colleagues and I are from another planet”. Chilled, jazzy and cool, this track’s 90s throwback vinyl scratching and laid back hip hop vibes would add a vintage streetwise but soulful feel to adverts or tv sequences.



A straight-up funk jam with guitar, bass, drums and saxophone. A synthesised guitar sound, walking bass and steady 4/4 drums enter with a classic funk guitar riff on top. Sax-like chord bursts, wah guitar and busier drums get us excited, then we’re back to the original groove again. A brief saxophone break, then the funk resumes. Positive, chilled-out, laid-back and cool. A 70s groove to strut to. Cruising through an American city in technicolour, with playful attitude.