Human Error (Suite)

Soft instrumental electro track. Beats and synth fade in with swooshing electronic sound effects. Cute synth melody over motorik drum machine, steady drums and with shiny sustained synth chords above. Bass line introduced for volume then a sudden ending. Cheerful, upbeat and slight, would suit a feel-good advert for a fun and quirky type of foodstuff, or a cheesy Film/TV sequence.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.


Untied Kingdom

Bright and smooth, with groovy medium-tempo beats, 90s synth leads, and soothing female vocals that bring a Protection-like Massive Attack flavour to the scene. It delivers early Trip-Hop elements in a kind of hopeful mood. Would suit promo and corporate videos, but also play well as soundtrack for fiction films.


Farewell to Arms

Build of electronic arpeggios over rasping synths leads to a massive industrial drop at 0:15. Smooth, dark and serious. Elements of Massive Attack and Tricky. 1 minute ad length.


Blue Valentine

Playful with a dreamy edge, a delicate ensemble of synths that evoke a sense of futuristic exertion and in some sense an inevitable acceptance of the randomness of events. Like a child of Rutger Hauer’s Nexus 6 playing with its toys in a semi dark sitting room.


Lucid Dreaming

Light and bouncy, with a retro synth bass line and a slapback delayed electric guitar that take us into a smoky and darkish 80s night club without being too overt. Sneaky and relaxed but also playful, it does not take itself seriously and therefore might be good for that wannabe cool character that everyone knows is not gonna make it.


Stuttering Individual

Hypnotic and emotional, a stuttering combination of piano and electronics that create an intense and haunting mood to the listener. Repetitive and and strangely delicate, it is like a robotic point of view of poignancy. In the second part a solid arpeggiated bass line gives strength to the piece until everything crumbles shortly after. A compelling mix of classical and modern music.


Electric Rain

Dazed and hypnotic, a fistful of electricity and fast paced action in this 1 minute episode of electronic madness. A boomy bass synth and low-fi drum machines make for a compelling tune that evokes vintage electronica without denying modern day EDM. We are spectators of futuristic cities, doomed detectives, wrecked cars and dodgy gangsters.


Intricate workings

Dreamy with a groovy edge, a potpourri of computer blips, outer space laments, and Brain Eno-alike synth drones all complemented by a mellow dance rhythm. Built as ABA structure, it’s got a quirky and slightly unsettling mood, something like a slow cooked psychedelic trip on the dance floor.


Sky High

Atmospheric and contemplative, with a 16 bit feeling that reminds of video games from the eighties/early nineties. A hypnotic arpeggiated synth and digital flutes and bells create a sense of lightness and airiness. Zelda and Mario can finally meet up and glide azure skies with cotton candy clouds.


Kill the robots

Repetitive and flowing, it starts tense with a rhythmical bass synth. Soon a detuned piano enters the scene to counter balance the darkness with some emotional lighter ideas. The bass follows it as a drum section slowly creeps in and helps in gaining strength to the tune. There is sense of longing and broken romance, but defiance and challenge are definitely ahead. Somewhat in between hi-tech and retro.